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Framer Framed



Education / Amsterdam Oost / Community & Learning / Feminism /

Framer Framed x ELANCE coachingsacademie voor meiden en jonge vrouwen

Feminism / Art and Activism / Political Climate /

Report: Female Voices: Blood, Witches and the Red Lightning Strikes

Book Launch / Action Research / Feminism /

Report: 'Being Imposed Upon' Book Presentation

Amsterdam Noord / Education / Feminism / Molenwijk / Workshop /

Kunsteducatie: Future Today

Amsterdam Noord / Community & Learning / Education / Feminism / Molenwijk /

The City is Ours

Werkplaats Molenwijk
Education / Community & Learning / Feminism / Photography /

The City is Ours - Art Education between The Netherlands en Tunis

Feminism / Art and Activism /

Report: Finissage Some Things Hidden with Lynn Hershman Leeson

Feminism /

Recensie: Over verbergen en het verborgene - door Sietske Roorda

Feminism /

Exhibition review: Some Things Hidden

The living archive / Feminism / Queer /

Report: How to create, and archive resistance?

Feminism / Caribbean / Diaspora / Photography / Queer /

Article: Multiversum, a reflection upon the exposition 'Embodied Spaces'

Feminism /

Reflection: Filthy Mouth, Dirty Politics: Language, Gender and Digital Spaces

Feminism /

Gerilja Talks: Nancy Jouwe x Black Women in the Dutch Arts Scene

Feminism /

Documentary: !Women Art Revolution - asking and telling about the Feminist Art Movement

Feminism /

Self-Made? Women from former-Yugoslavia

Feminism / Collection development / The living archive /

Publication: Traveling Heritages

Feminism / Oral History /

Documentary: Feminism and healthcare in the 70’s and 80’s in the Netherlands

Feminism /

Documentary: Fem.doc

Oral History / Feminism /

Artikel: Dans om de camera

Gentrification / Feminism / Art and Activism /

Artikel: De levensloop van een ideaal. Over de genderpolitiek van de kraakbeweging en het broedplaatsen beleid van de gemeente Amsterdam


Werkplaats Molenwijk

Exhibition: The City is Ours (Werkplaats Molenwijk)

With installations, photography, and videos made by young women in Amsterdam and Tunis, reflecting their visions on what our cities should look like

Exhibition: Some Things Hidden

In collaboration with Castrum Peregrini, curated by Nina Folkersma and Charlott Markus
Zanele Muholi - Miss D'vine I (2007), collectie Museum Arnhem

Exhibition: What We Have Overlooked

A collection presentation of Museum Arnhem, curated by Mirjam Westen

Exhibition: Iran’s Women’s Movement - On the Archive of Sadiqe Dowlatabadi

An exhibition on the emergence of the women’s movement in Iran, at the beginning of the 20th century. Curated by Azadeh Fatehrad

Exhibition: Embodied Spaces

An exhibition curated by Christine Eyene on the body, gender and identity.


Female voices: Arte, Substantivo Feminino
On artistic activism against Brazil's anti-abortion law
Female Voices: Blood, Witches and the Red Lightning Strikes
Online Panel: Artistic Activism Against Polands’s Anti-abortion Law
Symposium: Empowering Voices in the Art World
Online symposium over diversiteit en inclusiviteit in de kunstwereld en in het bijzonder kunstinstellingen
Book Presentation: Being Imposed Upon
An online conversation with Gia Abrassart, Anne Wetsi Mpoma, led by Bambi Ceuppens
Female Voices: Gacha Abortion Pills!
Artistic Activism Against South Korea’s Anti-abortion Law
Reading Room: On Hydrofeminism
Reading together: 'Hydrofeminism: Or, On Becoming a Body of Water' (2012) by Astrida Neimanis