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Framer Framed

'On the Nature of Botanical Gardens' (2020), exhibition installation view at Framer Framed. Photo: Eva Broekema / Framer Framed
Installation photo fo the exhibition 'UnAuthorised Medium' at Framer Framed. Photo: (c) Eva Broekema / Framer Framed
Performance van Xenson Znja aan de IJ-over (2015). Foto: Framer Framed / Laura E. Tompa
Performance van Noel Ed De Leon aan de Noordelijke IJ-over (2018). Foto: Marlise Steeman / Framer Framed
Walid Siti, Monument to the Unsung (2018). Photo: (c) Maarten van Haaff
Wafae Ahalouch, The Silent Scream (Amsterdam, 2018).  Foto (c) Maarten van Haaff / Framer Framed
Tar for Mortar, a performative workshop by Comfort Ball. Photo: © Betul Ellialtioglu / Framer Framed
Bezoekers bij een opening in Werkplaats Molenwijk, Amsterdam
Framer Framed, 'On The Nature of Botanical Gardens'. Foto: Maarten Nauw / Framer Framed
Anna Dasović, 'Before the fall, there was no fall. Episode 01: Raw material' (2019). Foto: © Eva Broekema / Framer Framed


Framer Framed was established as a non-profit foundation in 2010 with the objective “to stimulating the developments of knowledge and expertise in the field of intercultural processes in contemporary art, by promoting co-operation between various Dutch (art) institutions and initiating, organising, facilitating and producing activities in the fields of visual arts, research, journalism and media.”

Executive Board
Since 2010 Framer Framed has experienced changes to its board. Since 2019, the Executive Board consists of Cas Bool & Josien Pieterse. They are also the Directors of Framer Framed.

The policymaking, programming and daily co-ordination of projects that are organised under the title of Framer Framed, come under the responsibility of the directors: currently comprised of Cas Bool and Josien Pieterse. The compensation of the directors is in accordance with the ‘Guideline Function and Salary Structure for Presentation Institutions of the Visual Arts’ (Richtlijn functie- en loongebouw presentatie-instellingen voor beeldende kunst) as part of the Fair Practice Code. This is overseen by the Supervisory Board. Cas Bool studied Anthropology, with a specialisation in the regions of the Caribbean and Latin America. Josien studied Politics & Gender studies. They are both co-initiators of Framer Framed and have been involved in that capacity since 2008.

Supervisory Board
Framer Framed works with a Supervisory Board model (Raad van Toezicht). In terms of management, the Supervisory Board leaves all policymaking to the Executive Board. The Executive Board is responsible for both formulation and directing in regard to policy implementation. The Supervisory Board is currently comprised of:

Una Henry (chair),
Mirjam Shatanawi (vice-chair),
Lisa Walcott,
Hans Schamlé,
Vinca Kruk and
Paula Albuquerque.

Annual Report
In mid- 2014, Framer Framed opened its exhibition space at the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord. As the programme started halfway through that year and continued into 2015, the years 2014 and 2015 were combined (together accounting for 12 months of programming). After a relocation, Framer Framed opened its doors in Amsterdam Oost in September 2019.

Read the Annual Reports below:

Annual Report 2014-2015; 2016;
Annual Report 2017;
Annual Report 2018;
Annual Report 2019;
Annual Report 2020;

Annual Report 2021
Financial Report 2021
Board Report 2021

Annual Report 2022
Financial Report 2022

Cultural Diversity Code
Framer Framed believes that its organisation, exhibitions and programming should reflect a diverse society. The organisation operates with the understanding that identity is intersectional and therefore a complex composition of different traits, preferences and identity characteristics that interact. Sexuality, gender, physical disabilities, class, race and cultural background all play a role in this. The organisation tries to provide space for diversity throughout the organisation and sees this diversity as an enrichment. It strives to create an open and safe place and organisational culture in which different people feel at ease and feel seen.

Principles of Community & Code of Conduct
For information about the creation and maintenance of an open and safe space Framer Framed strives for, see our Principles of Community & Code of Conduct. We ask that everyone involved with Framer Framed supports these principles.

Culture Governance Code
Framer Framed works in accordance with the Culture Governance Code (governance code cutureel). 

Guideline for Artists’ Fees
Since 2017, Framer Framed has followed the Guideline for Artists’ Fees (Richtlijn kunstenaars honorarium) as a part of the Fair Practice Code.

Fair Practice Code
Framer Framed was part of the Fair Practice Code working group, an initiative of (De Zaak Nu) to reach sector-wide employment conditions and payment structure. Especially in small and medium-sized institutions, there is a generally inadequate level of compensation for employees and structural unpaid overtime. In addition, there is excessive use of self-employed workers and many smaller institutions run on volunteers and interns.

To achieve better working conditions for employees such as long-term subsidies, all medium and large museums and visual arts presentation institutions published the report Towards the New Normal (Op de weg naar een nieuwe normaal) in 2019. This was presented to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. At the start of the new arts plan period from 2021-2024, the conclusions from this report were incorporated into the organisation’s own personnel policy in accordance with the Guideline Function and Salary Structure for Presentation Institutions of the Visual Arts (Richtlijn functie- en loongebouw presentatie-instellingen voor beeldende kunst).

Gallery Climate Coalition
Framer Framed is an aspiring member of the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC), an international membership organisation that provides sustainability advice and guidance to the art sector. The coalition’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the visual arts sector by at least 50% by 2030 (in line with the Paris Agreement’s goal of keeping global warming below 1.5°C) and promote zero-waste practices. To underpin this target, Framer Framed will released a public statement on its sustainability policy and ambitions.

Inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment
Framer Framed is a member of De Zaak Nu, an interest group for presentation institutions. Members of De Zaak Nu have joined Landelijk Bureau Integriteit en Vertrouwenspersoon (LBIV). Anyone working at Framer Framed can use the services of an external confidential counsellor at LBIV at any time and report inappropriate behaviour there. This hotline and the confidants are independent. These confidants are there for the employer and employees, who have experience inappropriate behaviour for the workplace, including but not limited to sexual harassment or sexual abuse, aggression and violence (including intimidation and abuse of power), discrimination or bullying. It does not matter whether it happened today, last week, or ten years ago.

®Framer Framed is a registered trademark.

Under fiscal number 8501.87.308, Framer Framed is classified by the Tax Authorities as entrepreneurial, and therefore taxable, and has had ANBI status since 1 January 2016.