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Decolonial Futures

Decolonial Futures is an exchange programme organised between the Sandberg Instituut, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Framer Framed in Amsterdam as well as Funda Community College in Soweto, South Africa. The programme was inspired by the desire to work collectively towards a decolonial future in which an equal exchange of knowledges and perspectives from students working across the disciplines of art and design could be established. This year's program is divided in two terms. Each term will focus on a specific project or thematic informed by some of the current efforts undertaken by counter-hegemonic movements and initiatives around the world. In other words, the projects - by the nature of the participants 'and their institutions' endeavors and practices - will be centered around questions of decolonization in the context of art and education. Follow along with the first term and the reading list here

First Term: 2020

In the first term participants in Amsterdam and Soweto collaborated directly with each other and work towards a collective project. The participants in Amsterdam familiarised themselves with Funda's socio-cultural context which is inseparable from the rich history of Soweto and South Africa at large. Both groups of participants will be invited to think critically and reflect on their position and the tensions between local and global narratives.  

Curator and poet Ibrahim Cissé will led the classes in Amsterdam in direct collaboration with the participants in Soweto. Although the overlap in concerns shared by the two participating schools will be a starting point for this exchange, Decolonial Futures recognizes the specificity and singularity of struggles, inherent to their local and political contexts. As such, respective groups are invited to further complicate the questions at hand and inform each others progress. 

Click here for a summary and reading list of the first term at Framer Framed.

Decolonial Futures: First Term

Second Term: 2021

In this second term, Decolonial Futures collaborated with sonsbeek20→24 under their curatorial framework which focuses on Labour and the Sonic. Over the course of 2 months we explored traditional forms of African storytelling and the creation and transfer of knowledge via music and songs in various different cultures.

On 9 March the term opened with an introductory online seminar that is part of sonsbeek's public programme in which Shenece Oretha, Sami El-Enany, Sibusiso “General" Nxumalo and Werker Collective will present their practices in relation to the themes of sonsbeek20→24. The introductory seminar is accessible for non-participants as well, and you can register via info@decolonialfutures.org.

Decolonial Futures 2020-2021: Second Term

Read about the first session which was open to the public!

Decolonial Futures: Second Term

Check out our ongoing blog to find about more details about each second term session!

Decolonial Futures 2021-2022

Decolonial Futures 2021-2022 will take place across two terms (Nov-Dec, and Feb-Apr). Participants will work on the making of a documentary whose format and content will be elaborated and negotiated alongside guests filmmakers, writers and artists.

Some of the starting points we are focusing on are:

• What are the ways in which the colonial affect you/your environment in day to day life?

• How could you capture that feeling/observation/relation?

• How does documentary, as a medium, participate in de/colonial practices of making, representing and looking? How can the medium become a tool for empowerment?

• What methodology can you think of/do you want to apply in the making of a documentary?

Classes will take place at Framer Framed in Amsterdam, where we will host a series of screenings, talks and workshops by individuals whose practices engage with narratives of de/coloniality, their histories and their current unfolding.

Program for 2021-2022

Decolonial Futures: Workshop with Sara Blokland

Click here for more information about the 2021-2022 program. Sign up for the sessions in November which are now open to the public!

Winter School

In addition to the Decolonial Futures exchange programme, a Winter School will be organised at Framer Framed in Amsterdam in February and March 2022. During 5 days, participants of the Summer School will have the opportunity to participate in various workshops led by South African invited artists, who will collaborate with local initiatives and art institutions based in the Netherlands. The Winter School concludes with a public programme at Framer Framed. In line with the Decolonial Futures programme, the Winter School will be an opportunity to promote discussion. It is a proactive attempt to collectively and positively formulate ideas that can respond to the current and inherited forms of colonisation that permeate the landscape of South African and Dutch nations to this day. The Decolonial Futures Summer School is funded by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK).

Winter School Program

Decolonial Futures Workshop Series: Creating Space for a Hundred Flowers to Bloom

The Decolonial Futures Winter School is divided into a series of hyrbid workshops in February and March 2022. Click here to register for the workshops led by artists and organisers in both the Netherlands and South Africa. 

Organisational Team 2020 - 2022
The participants in Soweto are either studying at Funda Community College or part of Mollo Wa Ditshomo, a youth-led primary co-operative based at the school. Founded in 1984, Funda Community College (formerly known as Funda Center) is one of the oldest independent Black-led institutions in the arts sector of South Africa, established in response to the inaccessibility of specialized training in the visual arts for Black South Africans under apartheid. Built on land donated by the Education Department of the previous political dispensation of South Africa with buildings donated by the likes of the Urban Foundation and IBM, among others, Funda continues to serve as a critical point of access to the visual arts sector for young Black South Africans. Funda's mission statement is to provide alternative education for social reconstruction.

Dorine van Meel and Ibrahim Cissé (Sandberg Institute / Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam). Simangaliso Sibiya and Phumzile Nombuso Twala, Funda Community College, Soweto.   

Decolonial Futures is funded by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK). Decolonial Futures Winter School wordt gefinancierd door het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK). 


For more information, contact us at info@decolonialfutures.org Voor meer informatie, neem op contact via info@decolonialfutures.org