About the part that art plays in a globalising society

Framer Framed

Ibrahim Cissé

Ibrahim Cissé is a French born creative from Gambian heritage currently based in London. Ibrahim’s work is anchored in story telling. Documenting and working with his surrounding, Ibrahim uses visual medias, writing and educational tools to manifest his research based independent practice. Ibrahim is interested in the potential for creative practices and outlets to shape social welfare and social justice.

He is currently leading the sessions for the first term of the Decolonial Futures Cultural Exchange Programme (2020-2022) at Framer Framed, a project organised in collaboration with the Sandberg Instituut, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and FUNDA Community College in Soweto, South Africa.


Second Term: Decolonial Futures
Online seminar as part of the second term of Decolonial Futures