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16 Mar ‚Äď
17 Mar 2023

Symposium: Inward Outward

Join the third edition of the Inward Outward Symposium 16 & 17 March at Framer Framed! This iteration of the symposium will take place as a series of three lecture/conversation sessions and a workshop, focusing on the themes of Witnessing/Care & The Archive.

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The symposium Inward Outward investigates the status of moving image and sound archives as they intertwine with questions of coloniality, identity and race. Here, the archive is understood as resting in both physical structures (e.g. national, regional, local or personal) and less tangible ‚Äėcultural archives‚Äô (e.g. beliefs, knowledge, collective memories). Through the symposium, we bring theory and practice into dialogue by drawing together people from different professional and creative backgrounds.

We mobilise Witnessing/Care together, as complementary practices, calling to each other as tools to move through the archive, but that may also be wielded in tension. These two words are deployed as verbs to highlight a form of implication, a refusal to conceive of archival work as a passive performance.

Inspired by Deborah Thomas, James Baldwin and Kelly Oliver, amongst others, Inward Outward brings a feminist ethics of care and witnessing into conversation with decolonial critiques, situating these terms within the histories‚ÄĒthat is his/her/their/our-stories‚ÄĒin which they are embedded. We are intent on aligning an ethics of care and a praxis of witnessing with a critical reorientation of colonial archives. As such, we invite participants to think about witnessing and archival work beyond the actions of hearing, seeing and recording; to recount their engagements with archives of coloniality as care work, through care, and/or as witnesses. To facilitate conversations along these lines, we articulate this symposium edition around a main question: how do we witness the violence of coloniality with care for archives and the voices, bodies and spirits they house or manifest through?

This event is in English and each session is ‚ā¨3 each.
In order to remain accessible to all, if the entrance fee is an obstacle to your attendance, please send an email to inwardoutward@beeldengeluid.nl to register for specific sessions.


Thursday, 16 March 2023

WITNESSING | 10:00‚Äď13:00 CET
Amade Aouatef M’charek (University of Amsterdam),
Daniela Agostinho (Aarhus University),
Edine Célestin (Kolektif 2 Dimansyon РK2D)
Yvonne Ng (WITNESS).

CARE | 15:00‚Äď18:00 CET
Athambile Masola (Poet, Writer, Researcher and Lecturer, University of Cape Town),
Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung (Haus der Kulturen der Welt – HKW),
Nikolaus Perneczky (Queen Mary University of London)

Friday, 17 March 2023

WORKSHOP (Closed) | 10:00‚Äď13:00 CET
Facilitated by
Carine Zaayman (Research Center for Material Culture/Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen) &
Stevie Nolten (Sound & Vision).

Aylin Kuryel (University of Amsterdam),
Noor Abuarafeh (Artist),
¬†Jennifer Tosch, Katy Streek & J√∂rgen “UNOM” Gario, Sites of Memory.

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Initiated between the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) and the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision, with special support from the Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen’s Research Center for Material Culture (RCMC/NMvW), the first Inward Outward took place in January of 2020. This symposium edition is held in collaboration with Framer Framed.


Diaspora / Feminism / The living archive / Colonial history / Workshop /


Priya Swamy


Evelyn Wan

Academicus, schrijver Academic, Writer

Nikolaus Perneczky


Carine Zaayman

Artist, Curator and Scholar

Yvonne Ng


Stevie Nolten


J√∂rgen ‚ÄúUNOM‚ÄĚ Gario

Performance Artist

Katy Streek

Theatre Maker, Programmer

Noor Abuarafeh


Daniela Agostinho

Professor, Researcher

Athambile Masola

Writer, Researcher, Poet

Amade Aouatef M’charek

Professor, Researcher
Edine Célestin

Edine Célestin

Photojournalist, Human Rights Activist

Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung

Curator, author and biotechnologist

Jennifer Tosch


Aylin Kuryel

Artist, Filmmaker and Academic