About the part that art plays in a globalising society

Framer Framed




Between The Lines: Men's Edition
A poetry workshop on social change and the role of men
Homemade Seeds
The third and final SALWA Gathering at Framer Framed
Film screening: Indisch Zwijgen
Film screening, exhibition & spoken word workshop
Workshop 2: Beauty Basics for all genders
By Makeup Artist Timothy Paul
Workshop: Beauty Basics for all genders
By Makeup Artist Timothy Paul
Photography Workshop: How to photograph a memory
By KAZAL photographers Georges Rouzier & Reginald Louissaint Jr. members of Kolektif 2 Dimansyon
Dance Workshop: Free Movement and Rhythm
Dance experience led by Feadan McCall
Symposium: Digital Flux - Towards a common imagination
by Framer Framed and Non Native Native
Workshop: Knitted Together
Protest and Dialogue During the Dutch Housing Crisis
Workshop: The Tender Ears, Crescent Moon and the Horn
Gyoza-making workshop with Asli Hatipoglu and dinner
Workshop: Wayang Kardus - Struggle and Solidarity
A two-day cardboard puppet workshop by Taring Padi with food, conversations, and jamming sessions
Decolonial Futures Workshop Series: Creating Space for a Hundred Flowers to Bloom
A cultural exchange programme with Funda Community College, Soweto, South Africa
LIMBO: Engaged scholarship and queer exilic narratives
A creative workshop series for queer, refugee and migrant community
Workshop: Hey, jij daar aan de andere kant van de stad!
Art workshops in Amsterdam Noord during the Autumn break
Summer Activities: Midzomer Mokum 2021
An overview of free workshops for children taking place this summer
Language for Loneliness
Art education: New words and images for loneliness
Midwinter children's activities in Amsterdam East
Children's activities during the Christmas holidays in Amsterdam Oost
Midwinter children's activities in Amsterdam North
Children's activities during the Christmas holidays in Amsterdam Noord
Up/Root Democracy 1: Resisting Data Extraction
Online Reading Room + Workshop
Meme-ify: An Attempt to Dance Through Pain with Humour
Online Action Research Workshop
Workshop: ‘Tropical, Objects, Turns’
by Aram Lee
Taal voor eenzaamheid
Educational program with more than 100 students from four high schools in Amsterdam
Educatie: Kunstschooldag 2019 bij Framer Framed