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Framer Framed

7 Jul 2023
18:00 - 21:00

Youth Leadership & Resilience

Join us for the final presentation of the Youth Leadership & Resilience youth project. A special evening where the project’s participants will take us on a critical journey to collectively reflect on their lives and the systems around us. On Friday 7 July from 18:00 – 21:00, the participants will host a programme with games, music, theatre, drinks and food.

Framer Framed and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Institute for Societal Resilience) organised the youth project Youth Leadership & Resilience in collaboration with ASKV, Giving Back Projects, Dreamers NL and Kenniscentrum Ongelijkheid Amsterdam. Within the project, we organised workshops with and for young people (without proper residence permits) as well as a final product focusing on the stories of the participants.

During the Youth Leadership & Resilience project, the participants had the opportunity to participate in workshops and to give workshops themselves. Within all workshops the focus was on creative storytelling, in which spoken word, videography, writing, dance and music played a role. Together, they reflected on the resilience, dreams, ambitions, talents, knowledge, leadership, identities, experiences and stories of these young people.

An integral part of Youth Leadership & Resilience is the concluding final presentation, in which, once again, storytelling is the guiding thread. With their own perspective and with the knowledge gained in the workshops, the young people will take visitors into their stories during an evening at Framer Framed.

Youth Leadership & Resilience is part of the Amsterdam – All Inclusive research programme of the Kenniscentrum Ongelijkheid. In collaboration with research and social partners, the multi-year programme focuses on research into how institutions contribute to inequality in the city. In the Youth Leadership & Resilience project, Framer Framed joined forces as a social partner with research partner the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Institute for Societal Resilience).

A collaboration between Framer Framed, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Institute for Societal Resilience), ASKV, Giving Back Projects, Kenniscentrum Ongelijkheid Amsterdam, Dreamers NL.

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