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Framer Framed

Publication: Traveling Heritages

In the context of our increasingly globalized and digitalized world, libraries and archives are experiencing major changes. The methods used internationally to collect cultural heritage and other historical material are shifting, as new media have added important innovative tools for gathering, preserving, and sharing information around the globe. In light of our increasingly multicultural societies and the expanding “digitaldivide,” we need new and more inclusive approaches to the collection of cultural heritage. This means that critical reflection on both the contents of collections and methods of acquisitionis crucial. The International Information Center and Archives for the Womens Movement (IIAV) in Amsterdam provides a case study in how to approach these issues. It considered such questionsas how to make optimal use of new media, and whose histories should be represented in its archives. In Traveling Heritages, international and national heritage experts from academic, library, and archival professions reflect upon these questions, offering new perspectives on documenting womens histories.

Feminism / Collection development / The living archive /


Josien Pieterse

Director of Framer Framed