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Framer Framed

Josien Pieterse

Josien Pieterse

Josien Pieterse is co-founder and director of Framer Framed and Network Democracy. She graduated cum laude in political science and gender studies at the University of Amsterdam. She worked as a curator at debate centers Felix Meritis and TUMULT. For five years she has been the president of the Dutch Association of Debate Centers (VND). From 2009-2011 she was coordinator of the Forum for Democratic Development (FDO) and in 2011 she co-founded Network Democracy, a platform for democratic innovation. In 2014 she received the oeuvre award ‘Radical Innovators’ from Vrij Nederland for her work with Network Democracy.

Since 2007 Josien workes as oral historian and researcher at Atria, knowledge institute for emancipation and women’s history. Josien publishes regularly on her research. Since 2013 Josien is board member of Stichting Keti Koti Reconciliation Tables, and the foundation For Your Neighbourhood, a crowdfunding platform for neighbourhood initiatives.


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