About the part that art plays in a globalising society

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Global Art History


Diaspora / Global Art History / The living archive / Migration / Turkey /

Interview with researcher Nesli G√ľl Durukan on her exhibition Scattered - Hidden Narratives through Archives

Collection development / Global Art History / Contemporary Aboriginal art /

Video: symposium 'In the future everything remains uncertain'

Global Art History /

Exhibition: Global Imaginations

Museology / Global Art History /

Article: Globalisation in Dutch Art Centres, by Vincent van Velsen

Museology / Global Art History /

Exhibition: How far how near ‚Äď the world in the Stedelijk

Museology / Global Art History /

Symposium: Collecting Geographies - Global Programming and Museums of Modern Art

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Panel discussion: Am I Black

Museology / Collection development / Global Art History /

Publication: Changing Perspective

Museology / Global Art History /

Article: A response to the publication Changing Perspectives

Global Art History /

Symposium: Art, Criticism and the Forces of Globalization

Ryan Oduber: Kima Momo, video 4min
Caribbean / Global Art History /

Exhibition: Who More Sci-Fi Than Us

Colonial history / Global Art History / Museology /

The Netherlands in Post-Colonial Perspective

Diversiteit in de beeldende kunst
Global Art History /

Van arrogantie naar gezamenlijkheid, door Rob Perrée

Global Art History /

Lecture: World art and global art. A new challenge to art history by Hans Belting

A multilayered analysis of new art worlds
Global Art History /

Publication: Global Studies. Mapping Contemporary Art and Culture

Global Art History /

Symposium: In the Wake of the Global Turn

Museology / Global Art History /

The distinction between western and non-western art is outdated

Museology / Global Art History /

Article: Art Around the Globe

Foto's Michiel Landeweerd
Global Art History /

Symposium: Global Art

Global Art History /

Symposium: Stedelijk - Art and Antropology

Migration / Global Art History /

Symposium: Art Across Frontiers. Cross-Cultural Encounters in America

Global Art History /

Symposium: Islamic Art in Contemporary Context

Global Art History / Museology /

Symposium: Between Fetish and Art

Global Art History /

Project '1975' of SMBA - Amsterdam

Global Art History / South Africa /

Symposium: Other Views. Art History in (South) Africa and the Global South

Global Art History /

Symposium: BuitenWesten; niet westerse kunst uitgelicht

Indonesia / Global Art History / Colonial history /

Exhibition: Beyond the Dutch


Symposium: What and When Was Caribbean Modernism?
Visual and literary temporalities of Caribbean Modernism across languages and diasporas
Symposium: Empowering Voices in the Art World
Online symposium over diversiteit en inclusiviteit in de kunstwereld en in het bijzonder kunstinstellingen
Book Launch: Forces of Art - Perspectives from a Changing World
A joint project by the Prince Claus Fund, Hivos, and the European Cultural Foundation
Lecture: Mieke Bal - Of What One Cannot Speak: Doris Salcedo
Lecture at Beautiful Distress House, in the framework of exhibition HERE/NOW.
Symposium: HERE/NOW Current Visions from Colombia
At Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, in the context of exhibition HERE/NOW at Framer Framed and Beautiful Distress House
Yvette Mutumba ‚Äď Public talk about visibility of contemporary art from African perspectives
In collaboration with the Mondriaan Fonds, Framer Framed hosts a lecture by Yvette Mutumba.
Collecting without boundaries. Creating a future-proof museum
A discussion on collection exchange, mobility and museum collaboration.
World Art and the Imperial Imagination
A workshop on the interface of contemporary art, postcolonial theory and cultural museology.
The View of the Artist
A panel discussion between artists and museum curators.