Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

Framer Framed

We Sell Reality

We Sell Reality is a social rebellion label that is set up as a collective with an open-source character. We Sell Reality makes products and installations and creates performative interventions in public spaces. The team consists of around 15 social designers. Most members of the collective came here as refugees and are in limbo. The makeup of the team can change throughout various projects, those who would like to join is welcome. 

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We Sell Reality hosted workshops and gatherings at Framer Framed. their work resulted in the exhibition, Powerplay - Deals All Over. They are continuing their work as part of the Social Practice Workshops at the Rijksakademie with Elke Uitentuis.

Expositie: Powerplay – Deals All Over

In this exhibition, We Sell Reality reflects on the paradox of closed borders for some and open borders for others. Their projects express a Europe that disappoints through its failing asylum policy. They visualise a need for survival and what it means to be uprooted, but also showcase the pride, love and strength of the participants. During the exhibition, they sold books, toys and artwork made by the group to raise money to continue their practice.

'Powerplay' (2021) - We Sell Reality. Foto: © Maarten Nauw / Framer Framed

We Sell Reality organised public programmes at Framer Framed to spread awareness about the political situation in Sudan, where many members are from, or simply to gather and share their prcatice & culture with vistors. See their events below. 

Sudanese Pop-up Restaurant

We Sell Reality: Soedan

Songs of Freedom: Een herdenking voor Haacaaluu Hundeessaa

Magazine Posts
Much has been written about We Sell Reality's collaboration with Framer Framed. Former intern, Carola Vasileiadi, conducted art-based participatory research on the practices of the art collective. Read a section of her final paper below. 

Expanding the Notion of the Constituent Museum: On the Practices of Framer Framed

Spaces of Belonging for Undocumented Migrants

Hoe collectief We Sell Reality licht schijnt op Europa's falende vluchtelingenbeleid

Hoe kunnen wij als culturele organisatie een bijdrage leveren aan de samenleving in deze ongekende crisis?