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Chris Keulemans

Chris Keulemans

Chris Keulemans (b. 1960) is a writer, journalist, moderator and educator. Born in Tunis, Keulemans grew up in Baghdad, Iraq. He has been involved in numerous events at Framer Framed, often as a writer, host and moderator.

He has published several books, fiction and nonfiction, and has published numerous articles on art, social movements, migration, music, cinema and war for national newspapers. He has written essays for publications by Jonas Staal, Lidwien van de Ven, Anna Tilroe, Gert Urhahn, Fiona Tan and the exhibition The Unwanted Land (2009). He traveled extensively to study art after a crisis in cities such as Beirut, Jakarta, Algiers, Prishtina, Sarajevo, Tirana, New York, New Orleans and Ramallah, where he visited many talented artists. Recently, Gastvrijheid (Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas, 2021) was published, a mix of travel stories, memories, observations and imagination about the art of hospitality, followed by Verzet (Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas, 2024) on protest. 

Chris Keulemans was one of the founders of the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. He fulfilled the role as Artistic Director until 2014. For his work he received the honorary pin of the city council. The city of Amsterdam praised him for his work for the city in recent years. For the next two years Keulemans will be appointed as the district-chroniquer of the Northern part of town. He also founded the literary bookshop Perdu in Amsterdam in 1984. Additionally, during the nineties he worked at De Balie, Centre for culture and politics in Amsterdam, first as a curator, then later as director.




Exhibition: Temporary Monument - Srebrenica is Dutch history

By Bosnian Girl


Werkplaats Molenwijk 5-Year Celebration
A festive program including a parade, a book launch, a walking tour, workshops and more!
Finissage: Temporary Monument – Srebrenica is Dutch History
A tour along 25 portrait photos on the Oranje-Vrijstaatkade led by Chris Keulemans
Guided Tour: Art on the Northern IJ-river bank in Amsterdam
In the context of Public Art Amsterdam and Framer Framed's outdoor exhibition 'Monuments to the Unsung'.
Guided Tour: The disappearing of art in Amsterdam-Noord, by Chris Keulemans and Massih Hutak
Part of Public Art Amsterdam and Framer Framed's outdoor exhibition 'Monuments to the Unsung'.
Live conversation HOME #4: The politics of autonomous art
A panel discussion in the context of the exhibition 'HOME' about the supposed neutrality of autonomous art
Live conversation HOME #3: The political construction of HOME
An event in the context of the exhibition 'Home' on the construction of home in a context of violence and destruction.
Live conversation HOME #2: The Nakba, Heritage and Cultural Memory
Event in the context of the exhibition 'HOME'.
Live conversation HOME #1: Imaginations of HOME
An event in the context of exhibition HOME.
Remapping Europe screenings: Migrant perspectives & superdiversity
Screening short films as part of the Doc Next Media Collection, that show perspectives from young migrants in Europe.
Voice-over Noord - Part Two
Bustour with performances and lectures about the North of Amsterdam.
Collecting without boundaries. Creating a future-proof museum
A discussion on collection exchange, mobility and museum collaboration.
The View of the East
On the position of islamic art in Dutch art institutions.