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Debat: Blik op het Oosten bij het Tropenmuseum (2009)

26 Nov 2009 ‚Äď 20:00

The View of the East


Linnaeusstraat 2

1090 HA Amsterdam


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In the past decenium, the Netherlands have been the stage for the most fervid debate on national history and identity in its history. Culture‚ÄĒin the broad meaning of the word‚ÄĒtakes center stage during the evaluation of current issues. The question arises whether the Netherlands should give structural attention to islamic arts and culture; in the form of a permanent presentation or the establishment of a separate institution modeled after the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.
Meanwhile, the depots of Dutch cultural heritage institutions are replete with important collections from the islamic world. These are scarcely represented in their permanent presentations. Unfortunately, these museums are but scantily frequented by Dutch citizens with islamic origins. Perhaps they can’t find what they are looking for in these places?


Should a separate institution for islamic art and culture be founded, as some have been advocating for years? Should the Netherlands invest in islamic art and establish a new national collection? Or would it be better if separate collections would join forces?


Job Cohen – Mayor of Amsterdam;
Mirjam Shatanawi – Curator, Author;
Fouad Laroui – Economist, Novelist, Lecturer;
Wim Pijbes – Director Rijksmuseum;
Miriam Gazzah – Scientist, Project Officer;
Robert Kluijver – Freelance Cultural Producer.

Introduction by Mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen.
Debate leader is Chris Keulemans.


Before the debate Mirjam Shatanawi (curator, Royal Tropical Institute) will present her new book Islam in beeld (Islam in the Picture).
Robert Kluijver will be giving a short presentation on the current developments in Iraqi arts.


Royal Tropical Institute
Linnaeusstraat 2
NL-1090 HA Amsterdam
The Netherlands



Chris Keulemans


Robert Kluijver

Freelance Cultural Producer

Fouad Laroui

Economist, Novelist, Lecturer

Job Cohen

Mayor of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Miriam Gazzah


Mirjam Shatanawi

Curator, Author