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Voice-over Noord

27 Mar –
28 Mar 2015

Voice-over Noord - Part Two

Voice-over Noord, Part 2
Bus Tour: Narrations and Interventions in public space
Created by Özkan Gölpinar

Part Two of Voice-over Noord will consist of bus pitches by various artists, as well as tours by bus through Amsterdam North. During the bus pitches we will explore, alongside and along with the artists, whether it is possible to “re-map” Amsterdam North and provide a voice-over to its public spaces. We will reflect on the role of artists in urban transformation areas – to what extent can they act as an ‘urban curator’?

We gather at the entrance stairs to Tolhuistuin:
Friday, March 27 from 17:45
Saturday, March 28 from 14:45
Bus departs: Friday 18.00 / Saturday 15.00, at the ferry stop across from Tolhuistuin.


DAY 1– Friday 27th March

1. In search of Beauty in the Bin
18:00. Location: on the bus touring Noord.
Participating artist TBA.
Presentation by Participating Press Agency (P.A.P.A), a network of international nomadic artist-correspondents, in the bus. Afterwards we will ride the bus to visit the Salvation Army & NDSM flea market.

2. In search of The New Netherlands through the Eyes of An Illegal
18:30. Location: on the bus touring Noord.
With participating artist Olfa Ben Ali.
Film screening. Ben Ali’s work deals with the visibility (or rather, non-visibility) of refugees in public space. After the film screening, the artist herself will come along to visit two places in the area: a church in Amsterdam North, which has previously provided food & shelter to refugees, and a former refugee deportation center which has been turned into a city food-lab.

3. In search of Ubuntu
Approx. 19:30. Location: on the bus touring Noord.
With participating artist Ilco van der Linden.
Visiting the Mandela House.

4. In search of Privacy
20:00. Location: on the bus, then in Framer Framed.
With participating artist/illustrator Wouter Corduwener.
Presentation of Corduwener’s book of illustrations, which deals with the overcommercialization and automation of public transport & how this is affecting the privacy of travelers.

20:15: LocationFramer Framed space.
Further discussion & drinks following Corduweners presentation.

DAY 2: Saturday 28th March 

1. In search of Love
15:00. Location: Entry stairs of Tolhuistuin, then on the bus touring Noord.
Participating artist: Chris Keulemans.
Talks and discussion. Along with writer Chris Keulemans we will be looking for love in Amsterdam North. What are the places of beauty and intimacy? What are the hidden-away places to go to with a secret lover? There will be conversations on and with poets and writers that live in the North area. Afterwards we will visit Eye Film Museum to explore films about love.

2. In search of Home – The Green Monster Project
17:45. Location: on the bus touring Noord.
Participating artist: Marta Pisco.
Performance artist Pisco, exploring the theme of “feeling at home” as an immigrant, walked around Amsterdam North dressed up as a green monster during May 2000. She filmed herself and the resulting interactions. This footage was then screened at several locations in Amsterdam North, during which Pisco was again present to film the reactions of people to her fil m footage. The final film, which includes both the original responses to the “green monster” as well as the reactions to the film material, will be shown at this special screening. Afterwards there will be a discussion with the artist on what it is like being an “other”/stranger in Amsterdam North.

3. In search of Public Participation & Identity
19:00-20.30. Location: Framer Framed space.
With participating artists  Ozkan Golpinar, Marta Pisco, & Chris Keulemans.
Presentation, discussion, interviews. With drinks.
Closing of the tour and introducing part three of Voice-over Noord: the panel discussion on Sunday.

Amsterdam Noord /


Exhibition: Crisis of History #3 - Beyond History

Curated by Robert Kluiver and Elham Puriyamehr


Voice-over Noord
Performances and bustour through Amsterdam Noord.
Program surrounding the Crisis of History #3 exhibition
During the exhibition Crisis of History #3 - Beyond History there will be a special event on every Tuesday night with film screenings, lectures and guided tours.


Chris Keulemans


Elham Puriyamehr

Curator, PhD student

Özkan Gölpinar