About the part that art plays in a globalising society

Framer Framed

Artist Talk



Performance Lecture by Samia Henni
In the context of her exhibition 'Performing Colonial Toxicity' now on show at Framer Framed
Artist Takeover: 'Archipelagic Affects' by Yornel J. Martínez Elías
A program around the Framer Framed and Jan van Eyck Academie resident at Limestone Bookstore
Screening: Land Rifts – Extraction and Sedimentation
Film screenings and discussion about ecosystems and coloniality, in collaboration with ASCA.
We do not yet know what malls can do
Public program and video installation reflecting on contemplation on the urban and virtual infrastructures of late capitalism.
Open call for the Non Native Native Fair, PRO$PERITY NOW!
Finissage: To those who have no time to play
Live performance of 'Antigone Update' and discussion
Transoceanic Memories: Disaster Haggyo presentation
An afternoon of transdisciplinary dialogues on disasters in the Anthropocene supported by Arts Council Korea
Presentation: Letter to a Silk Road
With Marjolijn Boterenbrood, Malika Umarova & Fabienne Rachmadiev, moderated by Sandra Rottenberg
Forms of Kinship: Daddy Residency
Online artist talk & workshop on alternative kinship
Talanoa Forum: Swimming Against The Tide
An artist-led gathering by Yuki Kihara, co-hosted by LIMBO & Framer Framed in collaboration with National Museum of World Cultures
Opening: KAZAL - Narrating Haitian Memories
With Georges H. Rouzier, Reginald Louissaint Jr., Tessa Mars & Alessandra Benedicty-Kokken
Book Launch: International Friendship
Artist talk with CHE Onejoon, Inga Lāce and Sohl Lee at Framer Framed
Amsterdam Art Week at Framer Framed
Exhibition 'The Silence of Tired Tongues', Oost Tour, Book launch: 'International Friendship' and more!
Symposium: Digital Flux - Towards a common imagination
by Framer Framed and Non Native Native
When the roots start moving
Book presentation + Lecture performance by CHTO DELAT
Magazine Launch: Kunstlicht - The Worldliness of Oil
The Worldliness of Oil: Recognition and Relations
Launch: Errant Journal #2, Slow Violence
Errant Journal is a concept by Irene de Craen, realised in collaboration with Framer Framed
Online Film Program: Damir Avdagić
Online Film Program with Curator Natasha Marie Llorens
Up/Root Democracy 2: Algorithms on Trial
Online Panel: Can an algorithm be held culpable in a court of Law?
Online Film Program: Dania Reymond
Online Film Program with Curator Natasha Marie Llorens
Online Film Program: Selma Selman
Online Film Program with Curator Natasha Marie Llorens
Characters in Real Life
Premier, Artist Talk and Movie Screening with TuncTop
Artist Talk: On the Nature of Botanical Gardens
With the participation of: Zico Albaquni, Arahmaiani, Lifepatch members Agung ‘Geger’ Firmanto and Agus 'Timbil' Tri Budiarto, along with the curator Sadiah Boonstra.
Online Panel: Prevention is Better than Hate II
Anti-Asian Racism Roundtables
A conversation on: The Power of Doing Nothing
Online panel with Flavia Dzodan, Quinsy Gario, and Joy Mariama Smith
Ten Premises For A Pandemic
Online Panel with Ian Alan Paul
Artists Talk: Elsewheres Within Here
With the participation of featured artists Mehraneh Atashi, Milena Bonilla, Sissel Marie Tonn, and Remco Torenbosch, along with curator Jo-Lene Ong
Artist Talk with Tammam Azzam en Shadi al Zaqzouq
Panel discussion with participating artists in the exhibition Crisis of History #2.