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Framer Framed

Still of UÝRA - The Rising Forest

15 May 2024
18:30 - 21:00

Queer environmental embodiment: UÝRA - The Rising Forest

Framer Framed hosts an evening on queer rights and environmental resistance on 15 May 2024. This programme starts with a screening of the film UÝRA – The Rising Forest, followed by a conversation between artists Ada M. Patterson and Nene Moné. Nene Moné also closes the evening with a sound performance.

With the backdrop of our current exhibition The One-Straw Revolution, which explores care for living with others and tangible forms of co-existence, we are urged to delve into artistic practices surrounding similar themes. Queer environmental embodiment: UÝRA – The Rising Forest addresses interspecies kinship and explores the intersection of worlds, corporealities and practices of remembrance and embodiment.

The evening will begin with the screening of UÝRA – The Rising Forest (2022), an award-winning feature documentary about the activist and educational artistic practices of Uýra Sodoma (she/her). By combining drag with forest elements such as leaves, flowers, seeds, branches and straw, Uýra fosters deep interconnections between land struggles and the fight for queer rights in Brazil. Through this performative art practice, she encourages others to connect with their own bodies, histories and corporealities in powerful and transformative ways. The film also opens up an honest and raw space for Uýra to share her own processes of self-discovery as a trans-Indigenous person. Whilst growing up within a familial and social context of erasure and obscuring of those identities, she also experienced the reality of deforestation and growing disconnection to the forest and to embodied ancestrality.

After the screening, artists Ada M. Patterson (she/her) and Nene Moné (they/them) will join this evening’s programme for a conversation within the context of Uýra’s work. Ada is a visual artist, writer and educator from Barbados working with masquerade, textiles, performance, video and poetry. She is also currently a core tutor at Planetary Poetics, a master’s programme in collaboration with Dorine van Meel and Framer Framed at the Sandberg Institute. Joining her in the talk is Nene Moné, a transdisciplinary artist, activist and researcher from Chile who works on social and environmental justice issues. Their conversation will include a Q&A and an exchange regarding themes of queerness, embodied practices, performance, environmental activism and land struggle. Afterwards, Nene Moné will offer a sound performance, marking the end of this evening’s gathering.


18:30 | Screening of UÝRA – The Rising Forest (70 minutes, Portuguese spoken with English subtitles)
20:00 | Conversation between Ada M. Patterson and Nene Moné with a Q&A
20:30 | Sound performance by Nene Moné (10/15 minutes)

Date & time
Wednesday 15 May 2024

Framer Framed
Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71
1093 KS, Amsterdam

Framer Framed is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science; Amsterdam Fund for the Arts; Municipality of Amsterdam; and VriendenLoterij Fonds. 

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Nene Moné

Artist, activist and researcher

Dorine van Meel

Artist, Writer, Educator

Ada M. Patterson

Artist, writer and educator