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Framer Framed

28 Jun 2023
18:00 - 20:00

Screening: Land Rifts – Extraction and Sedimentation

Framer Framed is hosting a screening program as part of the ASCA Workshop 2023, Forms of (More Than) Human Relationality, organised by Nadica Denić, Jasmijn Leeuwenkamp, and Eszter Szakács. After the screening, Marwa Arsanios and Ana Bravo Pérez will be in conversation with Eszter Szakács.

Framer Framed
June 28, 18:00 – 19:30

There is limited space for the screening, please register through our Eventbrite.

Land Rifts: Extraction and Sedimentation presents two researched-based film works by artists and filmmakers Ana Bravo Pérez and Marwa Arsanios. The event invites a conversation about the relationship between ecosystems and coloniality, in particular regarding the practices of land ownership, extraction, as well as strategies for a more communal relationality with land. In Mother Earth’s Inner Organs (2022), Ana Bravo Pérez follows the trail of resource extraction to the Netherlands from the Wayú territory in the North of Colombia, from the Earth’s surfaces to its depths, to offer a reflection on the destructive relationality of extractivist practices. Marwa Arsanios, leaping forward from a similarly destructive trail in Who is Afraid of Ideology? Part 4: Reverse Shot (2022), stages a discussion and an experiment carried out by herself and her collaborators about land usership over land ownership in the North of Lebanon, to sediment the idea and the communal practice of a sustaining relationality with the land as a common, which is able to exist even within contemporary realities.


Mother Earth’s Inner Organs

Ana Bravo Pérez
22 mins | 16mm, 4k | 2022 Spanish | Wayuunaiki | English | Dutch
This film is a journey from Amsterdam to Wayú territory in the North of Colombia following the smoke, the rotten smell of burning Mma – meaning Mother Earth in Wayuunaiki. Bravo Pérez weaves a narrative that goes from the surface of Mma to its depths. From the experience of the Wayú people and the filmmaker’s reflection on extractivist practices to plastic experimentations that create a lucid dream, an eye-opener to how extractivism of coal affects life.


Who is Afraid of Ideology? Part 4: Reverse Shot

Marwa Arsanios
35 mins | digital video | 2022 Arabic | English
The film Who is Afraid of Ideology? Part 4: Reverse Shot departs from a collaborative project that is attempting to shift the status of a private land in the North of Lebanon to a common or a social waqf. The aim would be to advance the right of usership over ownership. The land would only be used by people who do not own a land for agricultural purposes. The film follows this process and adds to it a reflection on the way land as a living object inherently resists property. Matter and land become a witness to a certain history of non-ownership. The interconnectedness of the geological, the historical, the legal and the agricultural brings forward a kind of ecology of thought which purpose is communalisation and rehabilitation.

Image: Marwa Arsanios, Who is Afraid of Ideology? Part 4: Reverse Shot, 2022, digital video, 35 mins, video still. Courtesy of the artist.

This programme is a collaboration between Framer Framed and the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), University of Amsterdam.

Colombia / Artist Talk / Ecology / Extractivism / Colonial history /


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An exhibition with the Indonesian art & activist collective, Taring Padi, reflecting on the concept of land as the object and site of decolonial struggles.


Ana Bravo Pérez


Marwa Arsanios

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