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Framer Framed

Photo: @ Jan Banning

Meta Knol

Meta Knol was one of the initiators of Framer Framed and is currently the director of Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden, the Netherlands. She studied art history at Utrecht University. After having received her MA, Knol has realized exhibitions, written on the visual arts and has been involved in several cultural projects, such as the artist residency Het vijfde seizoen (The Fifth Season) on the grounds of a psychiatric hospital in Den Dolder, the mobile exhibition pavilion Pleinmuseum as well as the Madness & Art Festival in Haarlem (2010). Additionally, Meta Knol holds a number of board positions in the cultural sector, including being a former member of Framer Framed‘s supervisory board.

From 1997, Knol was tied to the Centraal Museum in Utrecht as a curator. She researched and published a full catalog of the modern art collections (Modern Art, 2004) and finished the first intermuseal collection catalog of The Netherlands: US in NL – American Art in Dutch Museums, 1945-2001 (2005). In 2006 she curated the exhibition This is America. Visions of the American Dream (2006). Her last exhibition for the Centraal Museum was Beyond the Dutch – Indonesia, the Netherlands and the Visual Arts since 1900 (2009), which she co-curated with Enin Supriyanto. In Leiden, she initiated and co-curated the exhibition Global Imaginations (2015) in collaboration with Leiden University and the National Museum of World Cultures.

Meta Knol has always been an advocate of renewal in the museum sector. In 2007, she drafted the manifesto Towards an Enfranchised Museum with Edwin Jacobs and Stijn Huijts, which caused a lot of stir in the Dutch museum world. In the article The distinction between western and non-western art is outdated, Knol makes a plea for museum cooperation to break through historical colonial divisions – which also characterize the museum world. Recently Knolpublished the article Stop the Blockbus Addiction in NRC Handelsblad, in which she calls for an end to a system in which Dutch museums compete against each other with large, money-consuming crowd pullers.


Exhibition: HOME

With work by Marjan Teeuwen, Ezz Al Zanoon and Rawan Mahady, curated by Meta Knol


Live conversation HOME #4: The politics of autonomous art
A panel discussion in the context of the exhibition 'HOME' about the supposed neutrality of autonomous art
Live conversation HOME #3: The political construction of HOME
An event in the context of the exhibition 'Home' on the construction of home in a context of violence and destruction.
Live conversation HOME #2: The Nakba, Heritage and Cultural Memory
Event in the context of the exhibition 'HOME'.
Live conversation HOME #1: Imaginations of HOME
An event in the context of exhibition HOME.
Symposium: Contested History
A symposium on the (re)presentation of Dutch-Indonesian colonial history in museums.
The Colonial Gaze
On the historical preconceptions that determine our view of art.
Collecting without Borders
Ethnographic, historical and art museums in dialogue on collecting and presenting global art.