Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

Framer Framed

Part of the Burning Museum Collective at a Framer Framed event in 2015, Photo: Marlise Steeman

Burning Museum Collective

The Burning Museum (BM) is a collaborative interdisciplinary collective rooted in Cape Town, South Africa.

Burning Museum departs from the contention that the space we find ourselves in is one which has been scarred and seared by a historical trajectory of violent exclusions and silences. These histories form the foundation of an elusive and at times omnipotent democracy that occasionally reveals its muscle in the form of laws and by-laws in public space. It is from this historical climate and present context that the work of the Burning Museum engages with themes such as history, identity, space, and structures. Burning Museum is interested in the seen and unseen, the stories that linger as ghosts on gentrified street corners; in opening up and re-imagining space as potential avenues into the layers of history that are buried within, under, and between.