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Framer Framed

2 Sep 2023
16:00 - 18:00

Launch: Errant Journal #5, Learning from Ancestors

Framer Framed and Errant Journal are happy to invite you to the launch of Errant’s fifth issue Learning from Ancestors. Epistemic Restitution and Rematriation. This issue focuses on current discussions around the restitution of colonially looted objects, but takes a wider lens to the questions of repair with(in) communities and the more fundamental knowledge shifts which must take place for healing to begin. We welcome you to celebrate the latest Errant together with us, with drinks and an introduction to the theme by editor-in-chief Irene de Craen.

The event is in English and free of charge. Please register to reserve a spot via Eventbrite.

Starting from the position that the return of all colonially looted, pillaged, and stolen heritage should take place in full and without hesitation, Errant Journal #5 ‘Learning from Ancestors’ wishes to go beyond the question of ‘giving back’, and ask what is given back by whom and to whom, where, and how? In this now seemingly omnipresent discussion – which crosses communities, institutions, nation states – who is speaking, and which voices are being listened to? To do this, as is reflected in the title of this issue, Errant proposes a shift in perspective away from dominant (Western) epistemic authorities to consider other ways of sensing and experiencing the world and let this guide us in the questions we have. This necessarily means that this issue is not just about objects and their return, not just about physical ‘things’ that can change hands and location. It is also an issue about repair, without which restitution could be meaningless.

Ariella Aïsha Azoulay, Irene de Craen, Birago Diop, Adeola Enigbokan, Robin Gray, Tonderai Koschke, Aram Lee, Lifepatch, Albert Mwamburi, Zoé Samudzi, Dewi Sofia, Rolando Vázquez, Kaiya Waerea

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Errant Journal is a cultural/political publication loosely inspired by Édouard Glissant´s notion of the Poetics of Relation in which he opposes ideas of centers, linearity, roots and dichotomy. Errant, meaning both ‘deviating from an accepted norm’ and ‘wandering’, represents a way of breaking free from the idea of identity based on origin and the possibility to possess a totality of knowledge. It is never the goal to know everything, to see and understand something in its entirety. Instead, a person who is ‘errant’ rejects the universal and challenges the idea that the world is transparent and explainable. The journal therefore plays on the phonetic of an errant journey: a kind of wandering that is neither aimless nor directed at a clear goal or on a well defined path.

Errant Journal is a concept by Irene de Craen.
Framed Framed is co-publisher and founding partner.

Cover image by Johanna Unzueta, design by Jan-Pieter Karper.

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Errant Journal is a concept by Irene de Craen, realised in collaboration with Framer Framed
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Errant Journal is a concept by Irene de Craen, realised in collaboration with Framer Framed
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Errant Journal is a concept by Irene de Craen, realised in collaboration with Framer Framed
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Errant Journal is a concept by Irene de Craen, realised in collaboration with Framer Framed


Photo of Samboleap Tol

Kaiya Waerea

Writer and designer
Photo of Dewi Sofia

Dewi Sofia

Freelance creative and scholar
Photo of Zoe Samudzi

Zoé Samudzi

Researcher and writer
Photo of Albert Mwamburi

Albert Mwamburi

Writer and archivist
Photo of Tonderai Koschke

Tonderai Koschke

Architectural researcher
Photo of Robin Gray

Robin R. R. Gray

Photo of Birago Diop

Birago Diop


Ariella Aïsha Azoulay

Curator, writer, filmmaker, and professor


Artist collective

Irene de Craen

Writer, researcher and curator

Aram Lee

Adeola Enigbokan

Adeola Enigbokan

Artist and urbanist

Rolando Vázquez

Professor of Sociology