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Podcast: Open Atelier

Listen to the episode of Framer Framed’s podcast with our friends from Open Atelier!

The Open Atelier is a program for participants with a migration background, guided by therapists specialised in intercultural psychiatry and creative therapy. Since September 2020, there has been an Open Atelier at Framer Framed every Monday.

Exhibition 'Reflections' (2022) by the Open Atelier, photo by Maarten Nauw / Framer Framed

Exhibition Reflections (2022) by the Open Atelier. Photo: Maarten Nauw / Framer Framed

We spoke to the people behind the Open Atelier Community: art therapist Suzanne Delshadian, and participating artists Anne Krul, Nirvana (Youssef), Celine Abu-Zahideh, and Hassan. In this episode, Arabic, English, and Dutch is spoken.

Since early 2020, Framer Framed has been collaborating with a close-knit group of individuals from the intercultural psychiatry field. Following budget cuts in mental health care and the bankruptcy of PsyQ Amsterdam, Framer Framed has provided a permanent space for creative therapy at Oranje-Vrijstaatkade in Amsterdam.

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Exhibition: Hybrid Garden

By the Open Atelier

Exhibition: Reflections

by i-psy Open Atelier

Exhibition: Proud Aliens

A colourful exhibition by Framer Framed's Open Atelier


Suzanne Delshadian

Suzanne Delshadian

Therapy coordinator i-psy

Anne Krul