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Framer Framed

Suzanne Delshadian

Suzanne Delshadian

Suzanne Delshadian (Teheran, 1966) grew up in Iran as the child of a British mother and Persian father and moved to England in the early 1980s to study. Suzanne graduated in Autonomous Visual Art (Bachelor Fine Art) from the University of Reading and then went on to get her Master’s degree in Art Therapy from the University of Hertfordshire.

After her studies she worked as an art therapist for the British National Health Service and Prison Service. Over the years Suzanne also followed various training courses in the field of group therapy, psychoanalysis and forensic supervision. In addition to her work she was also a representative of the Association of Forensic Arts Therapists to the British Government Home Office Committee on art in prisons and for many years was a regional coordinator for the British Association of Art Therapists. Suzanne moved to the Netherlands about fifteen years ago and has since become a therapy coordinator at i-psy in Amsterdam. i-psy is a specialist in intercultural psychiatry for people with all kinds of social and cultural backgrounds and different psychological problems. Since beginning 2020 i-psy art is running a weekly Open Atelier at Framer Framed.


Exhibition: Hybrid Garden

By the Open Atelier

Exhibition: Proud Aliens

A colourful exhibition by Framer Framed's Open Atelier

Exhibition: Shaping Feelings

An online presentation of Framer Framed in collaboration with Amsterdam Museum


Make a Wish
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