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Framer Framed

MS__0783_Anne Krul
Anne Krul, photo: © Jose Tholen
Anne Krul, photo: © Jose Tholen / Exhibition: ‘Art For Heroes‘

Anne Krul

Anne Krul is a visual artist, writer, poet and activist based in Amsterdam.

She was active at ZAMI, a self-organising initiative for and by black, migrant and refugee women aiming to strengthen awareness and the identity of black, migrant and refugee women in The Netherlands.  She also was a member of Strange Fruit the Real, an organisation for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans youth from different cultural backgrounds. Strange Fruit was a Dutch queer collective active in the Netherlands from 1989 to 2002. They worked to challenge their marginalization within both their ethnic communities and the Dutch gay scene. With a focus on a non-hierarchical self-help approach, they offered support and conversation without taking the role of experts. Instead they used creative discourse, activism, art and poetry to implement change. Their activism and work was definitely ground breaking in Europe, but is not widely recognized around the world.

At Framer Framed Anne Krul participated in the exhibition Diasporic Self – Black Togetherness as Lingua Franca (2019), and Proud Aliens (2021) and project by the Framer Framed Open Atelier.

Anne Krul is part of Framer Framed Open Atelier. This project initiated by I-Psy, offers intercultural psychiatry for people with different social and cultural backgrounds and various psychological problems. The Amsterdam group comes together weekly at Framer Framed for their art therapy sessions.


Exhibition: Hybrid Garden

By the Open Atelier

Exhibition: Reflections

by i-psy Open Atelier

Exhibition: Proud Aliens

A colourful exhibition by Framer Framed's Open Atelier

Exhibition: Diasporic Self - Black Togetherness as Lingua Franca

A project initiated by Amal Alhaag and Barby Asante


Finissage: Proud Aliens
Music, food, drinks and henna to celebrate the last day of the group show by Open Atelier
Reflections on artistic efforts in relation to the HIV/Aids crisis
Finale Diasporic Self: Black Love Letters & Manifestos
An event celebrating the final day of Diasporic Self: Black Togetherness as Lingua Franca.
Diasporic Self: Informal gatherings with Anne Krul
Opening: Exhibition Diasporic Self: Black Togetherness as Lingua Franca
A project by Amal Alhaag and Barby Asante.
Black Queerness & Diasporic Lives
An event on everyday intergenerational black queer social life, love and communities to look into the embodied experience of Black Queer people in Europe.