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Lezing: Remco Raben - The modern art & literature of Indonesia

17 Mar 2017
18:00 - 20:00

Lezing: Remco Raben - The modern art & literature of the Indies/Indonesia

In March & April 2017, the chair of Dutch-Caribbean Literature (Prof. Dr. Michiel van Kempen) at the University of Amsterdam and Framer Framed will organise a series of open lectures on the influence of colonialism and Dutch imperialism on (the relationship between) literature and visual arts in the former Dutch colonies. The second lecture in the series will be presented by Remco Raben, Professor Colonial and Postcolonial Cultural History and Literature at the University of Amsterdam. This lecture will be in English. (For a full list of all the lectures, see below.)

Lecture Remco Raben – The modern art & literature of the Indies/Indonesia The search for a renewed national identity was common to most decolonizing countries around the middle of the twentieth century. It was also the time when ‘modern art’ made its entrance in these societies. Indonesia is no exception. The urge to create an independent artistic language was immense. In this lecture, Remco Raben will discuss the cultural discourses in Indonesia in the 1940s and 1950s. What did ‘modern’ mean, what ‘Indonesia’, and, ultimately, what ‘modern Indonesian art’? Did modern Indonesian art develop within the strict boundaries of the search for a national identity? How were ideas about East and West, about colonialism, nationalism and internationalism articulated? Two painters will serve as vehicles to investigate the dilemmas, paradoxes and achievements of the emerging arts in the 1940s and 1950s: Agoes Djaya (1913-1990) and Mochtar Apin (1923-1994).

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Fri 24 March: Gábor Pusztai – Work by Laszlo Székely, writer and artist [NL] Wed 5 April: Rose Mary Allen – The culture of oral history in Curacao [EN] Fri 7 April: The work of artists Charl Landvreugd & Patricia Kaersenhout [EN] Tue 11 April: Sara Blokland – Srefidensi, photo archives, photo albums, memory & identity [EN] Fri 14 April: Paul Faber – Contemporary art in the Caribbean [NL] Fri 21 April: Ellen de Vries – Nola Hatterman and contemporary art in Surinam [NL] Meer info: Open lezingenreeks: De invloed van kolonialisme op kunstuitingen in voormalige Nederlandse koloniën

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Lezing: Ellen de Vries – Nola Hatterman en de kunst in Suriname
Lezing door onderzoeker en publicist Ellen de Vries, over het werk van Nola Hatterman in Amsterdam en Suriname.
Lezing: Iwan Sewandono - The outframed framed in: modern Indonesian Painters
Lezing door Iwan Sewandono, over moderne Indonesische schilders in Nederlands-Indië vanaf de jaren '30.
Lezing: Paul Faber - Moderne Surinaamse kunst in wording, 1945-1980
Lezing door kunsthistoricus, tentoonstellingsmaker en publicist Paul Faber, over moderne Surinaamse kunst.
Lezing: Het werk van Patricia Kaersenhout en Charl Landvreugd
Lezingen door kunstenaars Patricia Kaersenhout en Charl Landvreugd, waar zij ingaan op hun werk.
Lezing: Rose Mary Allen - Oral history as autobiography
Lezing door Dr. Rose Mary Allen, over oral history in de context van Curacao.
Lezing: Gábor Pusztai over het werk van László Székely
Lezing over het werk van kunstenaar László Székely, die woonde en werkte in de voormalige kolonie Nederlands-Indië.
Lezingenreeks: De invloed van kolonialisme op kunstuitingen in voormalige Nederlandse koloniën
De leerstoel Nederlands-Caraïbische Letteren van de Universiteit van Amsterdam en Framer Framed organiseren een reeks open lezingen in maart en april 2017.


Remco Raben