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Remco Raben

Remco Raben

Remco Raben (b. 1962) studied history at the University Leiden. For many years he worked at the NIOD – Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam. Having taught non-western history at the University of Utrecht, Raben is currently Professor Colonial and Postcolonial Cultural History and Literature at the University of Amsterdam. Raben has given lectures at Framer Framed on the colonial relationship between the Netherlands and Indonesia, and its effect on cultural discourses. He frequently publishes about Indonesian, Asian and colonial history. His recent books include De oude Indische wereld, Van Indië tot Indonesië and Het koloniale beschavingsoffensief.


Lecture: Remco Raben - The modern art & literature of the Indies/Indonesia
In this lecture, Remco Raben will discuss the cultural discourses in Indonesia in the 1940s and 1950s.
Open lecture series: Influence of colonialism on artistic expressions in former Dutch colonies
March/April 2017.
Symposium: Suspended Histories
On the colonial past of the Van Loon family, and ways in which that past is presented and represented in Museum Van Loon.