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Framer Framed

Shertise Solano en Ronald de Graaff
Shertise Solano en Ronald de Graaff, Maskers, mixed-media, acryl en collage op prespane (2015)
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Shertise Solano_Venus_500
Shertise Solano
Shertise Solano en Ronald de Graaff, Maskers, mixed-media, acryl en collage op prespane, 2015

23 Jun –
26 Jul 2015

Side-expo: 'Venus' masks

On Tuesday June 23rd 2015 Framer Framed hosted the amazing performance directed by Milone Reigman VENUS – The anti-hero Hero, on the history of black bodies and representation in art. The exhibition space was alive with discussion, music, performances and… art by Shertise Solano and Ronald De Graaff.

Shertise Solano and Ronald De Graaff  created a series of beautiful masks especially for the  Venus performance. The event was part of the exciting programme Perspectives, series of public events curated by Amal Alhaag in the context of the exhibition Embodied Spaces (2015). We really liked the masks and thought it was an amazing addition to the running exhibition. Therefore, Shertise Solano’s masks are on display in the Tolhuistuin hallway downstairs, from Friday 3rd July! Feel free to come view them during the runtime of the exhibition Embodied Spaces, until July 26th, 2015.

For more one  Shertise Solano and Ronald De Graaff, please refer to the link on the right.

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Masks, 2015
Shertise Solano and Ronald de Graaff
Mixed-media: acrylic and collage on prespane

Feminism / Performance /


Exhibition: Embodied Spaces

An exhibition curated by Christine Eyene on the body, gender and identity.


VENUS: the anti-hero hero
An interactive programme that explores the historically violent imageries surrounding Venus.
Public encounters in the context of the exhibition Embodied Spaces.


Shertise Solano

Shertise Solano


Milone Reigman

Director and actress