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Framer Framed

Tina Lenz werkt aan de tentoonstelling Van Amulet tot Artefact (Amsterdam, 2019)

Tina Lenz

Tina Lenz is a Design Anthropologist living and working in the Netherland.

Design anthropology is an approach that explores global forces and enables forms of participatory engagement. In this emerging field of artistic and human centered inquiry Tina Lenz creates zones of improvisation and invites people into a design process. Existing conditions, places and rituals are collectively mapped, visualized and reimagined to discover possible alternative futures. Tina is a German design researcher based in Amsterdam. In 1996 she graduated BFA in Graphic Design from Academy of Fine Art & Design St.Joost, Breda and completed in 1999 her MFA Design at Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. In 2009 she participated in a Premaster Anthropology at Free University Amsterdam, followed by an Erasmus exchange at university KU Leuven, Belgium. She has recently completed a Master Education in Arts from Amsterdam University of Arts.

Guest lecturer at Utrecht School of the Arts, ArtEZ University of the Arts Zwolle & Arnhem and lecturer Cultural Diversity at Willem de Kooning Academy Social Practice, Rotterdam. Teaching generative methods, Sensitive Participatory Fieldwork, Design Anthropology, Participatory Action Research [PAR], Cultural Probes, Photo-voices, Graphic-voices with focus on sense of belonging, Cross Cultural Kids, intersectionality, healing rituals, reciprocity.


Exhibition: Shaping Feelings

An online presentation of Framer Framed in collaboration with Amsterdam Museum
Van Amulet tot Artefact

Expositie: Van Amulet tot Artefact

An artistic research to the practice of daily rituals in the Molenwijk, Amsterdam


Book Launch: professional amateur
The research project 'depend on me' presents a new publication at Framer Framed
Language for Loneliness
Art education: New words and images for loneliness
Book Launch: 'From Amulet to Artefact' at Werkplaats Molenwijk
'From Amulet to Artefact’ at Werkplaats Molenwijk