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Golrokh Nafisi

Golrokh Nafisi (b. 1981, Isfahan, Iran) is a visual artist based between Amsterdam and Tehran. Graduate of Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam 2010-2014, from 2000-2005, she studied design at Art University of Tehran. In 2019 her work was featured at Prospects & Concepts, part of Art Rotterdam.

Her main artistic practice is to imagine alternative ways of both counting time and locating ourselves; shaping a new imagination for calendars as well as a new imagination for maps, designing the two elements that measure and define our time and space to give us directions in the current moment. Her aesthetic is strongly influenced by popular local handcraft of the cities that she travels to and works in. Nafisi is interested in discovering new forms of collective action, involving bodies and human ideologies.

In 2019, Nafisi made a performance titled Manifesto Against Nostalgia (2019) together with Giulia Crispiani and Ahmadali Kadivar¬†in Teheran, Rome and in Amsterdam. Manifesto Against Nostalgia sets out to question the usage of the word ‚Äėnostalgia‚Äô in relation to the current socio-political rhetoric that relies on the glorification of‚ÄĒand a sort of nostalgia for‚ÄĒa past that never truly existed. The project responds to increasing xenophobic tendencies, that are emerging in a variety of different contexts worldwide.The project responds to increasing xenophobic tendencies that are emerging in a variety of different contexts worldwide. The performance and installation happens in collaboration with local folk musicians, informed by longstanding traditions combining music and enunciation, departing from the universal image of a town crier who shares announcements with a music register. The performance adopts a site-specific linguistic form each time, from manifesto to poetry, from religious ritual to chant. The audience was invited to become an integral part of the event, as witnesses of this nostalgic dissidence.

In 2022, Golrokh Nafisi prestented the book Gham/Tristezza/Sorrow, a work that documents a correspondence between Golrokh Nafisi and Giulia Crispiani, between Tehran and Rome. The book explores the elaboration of mourning through drawing and poetry which transforms pain into a political tool. It is also dedicated to all the mourners of the last two years, those who have lost loved ones in the distance or have not been able to mourn collectively in the days of Covid-19.

In 2023 Golrokh Nafisi was working at Werkplaats Molenwijk, a project space of Framer Framed as an artist in residence to share her work and practice with the neighbourhood in Amsterdam. Her residency inspired the publication, Walvistraan: A Love Story in a Time of Extinction and Isolation. Co-authored together with Ahmadali Kadivar, and published by Framer Framed in 2024.


Presentation: Walvistraan

By Werkplaats Molenwijk artist in residence Golrokh Nafisi


Reading Walvistraan in Werkplaats Molenwijk

Afternoon reading session of the publication by artist Golrokh Nafisi and writer Ahmadali Kadivar.
Book Launch: Walvistraan
Official book launch of Walvistraan: A Love Story in a Time of Extinction and Isolation by Golrokh Nafisi and Ahmadali Kadivar, written during their 2023 residency in Werkplaats Molenwijk
Werkplaats Molenwijk 5-Year Celebration
A festive program including a parade, a book launch, a walking tour, workshops and more!
Book Launch: Gham/Tristezza/Sorrow
A publication by Golrokh Nafisi and Giulia Crispiani
Performance: Manifesto Against Nostalgia
Outdoor Performance by Giulia Crispiani, Golrokh Nafisi and Ahmadali Kadivar