Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

Framer Framed

Precarious Beings

This research topic deals with the embodied performativity of precarious beings and their representation within society, the art world, and art institutions. By initiating dialogues of activism and creativity, we seek to explore artistic practices with political consequences as well as how precarious identities affect artistic imagination. How do contemporary artists mobilise artistic practices as means to propose new and contested narratives? What are the creative methods of forming an ally-ship with precarious communities and (re)shape their movements? 

Prevention is Better than Hate

Motivated by the surge of Anti-Asian hate across the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Framer Framed and Pan Asian Collective organised a series of online panels to initiate an open conversation and organise a collective response as a community within the Dutch context. The discussion from the series inspired an online campaign entitled It’s just a joke, organised by Pan Asian Collective and Asian Raisins. As part of this campaign, Framer Framed hosted a pop-up exhibition of the same name featuring a series of illustrations by Dutch artists with Asian roots, each telling profound personal stories of discrimination, violence, racial jokes and their effects.

The roundtables are still available to watch on the Framer Framed YouTube channel. 

Online Panel: Prevention is Better than Hate

Online roundtable on Anti-Asian racism during the pandemic. 
Aram Lee
Jiye Seong-Yu
Yung Tuan Ku 
Bin Koh
Esther Captain

Online Panel: Prevention is Better than Hate II

Second panel in the series discussing anti-asian racism. 

Benjamin Li
Sioejeng Tsao
Alice Wong 
Hui-Hui Pan.

Pop-up expositie: Het is maar een grapje

Participating artists:
Ming Ong
Sioejeng Tsao
Peggy Driessen
Marsha Man
Tjaling Hu
Jani Yu
Yiuloon Lee
Alexandra Lingjiu Hsu
Phi-Yen Phan
Lisa Nguyen
Anna June van Duijn

Female Voices
Framer Framed, together with artists, activists and researchers, presents ‚ÄėFemale Voices‚Äô series, where we discuss artistic activism in the struggles for women‚Äôs autonomy and sexual and reproductive rights in different contexts.¬†¬†

Graphic design: Bin Koh

Female Voices: Gacha Abortion Pills!

An online discussion on artistic activism against South Korean's abortion laws.

Hwayong Shin
Soyoung Chong
Bora Lee-Kil
Rebecca Gomperts
Domitilla Olivieri

Female Voices: Blood, Witches and the Red Lightning Strikes

An online discussion on artistic activim against Poland's anti-abortion law.

Izabela Kowalczyk
Karolina Wińôckiewicz
Iwona Demko
Domitilla Olivieri
Aneta Rostkowska 

Female voices: Arte, Substantivo Feminino

An online roundtable on artistic activism against Brazil's abortion law. 

Juliana Reis
Kalor Pacheco
Aleta Valente
Maíra Marques
Paula Borghi
Gabriela Davies