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Framer Framed

Benedito Ferreira - 'Despertáculo', Exhibition 'The Silence of Tired Tongues' by Raphael Fonseca. Photo: © Maarten Nauw / Framer Framed

11 May –
15 May 2022

Amsterdam Art Week bij Framer Framed

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The 10th Amsterdam Art Week is returning on May 11-15. This year’s festive edition celebrates ten years of Amsterdam Art Week while exploring the changing dynamics across the city. Together with 65 art institutions, Framer Framed offers vibrant and enticing programs for the visitors of the upcoming edition. Read more about the full programme of Framer Framed during Amsterdam Art Week here.

Exhibition: The Silence of Tired Tongues

11-15 May, 12:00-18:00 | Framer Framed
Free Entrance & Audio tours

Exhibition The Silence of Tired Tongues by Raphael Fonseca – Photo: © Maarten Nauw / Framer Framed

The Silence of Tired Tonguescurated by Raphael Fonseca, presents the works of thirteen emerging artists born in Brazil. The artworks in the group exhibition bring together a sense of ‘saudade’, which can be translated as a mixture of melancholy and longing. Do not miss your chance to visit the exhibition during Amsterdam Art Week. Free audio tours are available for visitors. No registration is needed. You can read more about the exhibition here. 

Breitner Academie: Oost Tour

14 May, 14:00-16:00 | Starting at Framer Framed
Transportation: On foot

Tadáskía – to show to hide, Exhibition The Silence of Tired Tongues by Raphael Fonseca. Photo: © Maarten Nauw / Framer Framed

Get ready for a thought-provoking tour of the East District. Isabelle Britto, assistant researcher at The Black Archives and freelance researcher in the field of Black history, takes you on a tour. Britto knows Amsterdam Oost not only as a neighbourhood with a long colonial history, as visible in the street names of the Plantagebuurt and the Indische buurt, but also as a neighbourhood where new cultural voices like those of The Black Archives can be found. Starting at 14:00 at Framer Framed, the two-hour long itinerary includes guided tours at Framer Framed, P/////AKT, Tilde and The Black Archives.

This tour is created by Floor de Bruin & Julia van der Voort, 3rd-year students of the Breitner Academie. Register to join the tour here.

Book launch: International Friendship

15 May, 15:00-17:00 | Framer Framed
Free Entrance and in English

On 15 May, Framer Framed will host the launch of International Friendship: The Gifts from Africa, an anthology focused on the documentary-filmmaking practice of CHE Onejoon and the artist’s research into the statues, monuments, and buildings built by North Korea in Africa from the 1970s to the present. During the launch, Che will be in conversation with the curator and contributor to the book Inga Lāce. Read more about the programme here.

Register here to join.

Amsterdam Art Week exhibition: It’s Your Birthday

11-13 May, 10:00-18:00 & 14-15 May, 12:00-18:00 | Capital C (Weesperplein 4B, Amsterdam)

In honour of the 10th anniversary, Amsterdam Art is organising the exhibition, It’s Your Birthday. The artworks made available by the participating galleries and residencies represent different phases of a party: from the preparations to the afterparty and the subsequent hangover. This exhibition, taking place on 11-15 May in the Amsterdam Art Gallery at Capital C, is an opportunity for visitors to purchase artworks from participating institutions of Amsterdam Art Week. Framer Framed is representing special artworks by artist Stephen Tayo, whose work featured in the project A Funeral for Street Culture (2021). Read more about Stephen Tayo’s photography in our magazine.

Looking forward to welcoming art enthusiasts on this special week.

Amsterdam Oost / Artist Talk / Book Launch / Rondleiding /


Image for the exhibition The silence of tired tongues at Framer Framed

Expositie: The Silence of Tired Tongues

Hedendaagse kunst en Brazilië


Boekpresentatie: International Friendship
Artist talk met CHE Onejoon, Inga Lāce en Sohl Lee bij Framer Framed


CHE Onejoon

Artist and filmmaker

Stephen Tayo


Inga Lāce