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Framer Framed

Amy Pekal - Plant Island (2020)

16 Aug 2020
14:00 - 16:00

Finissage: On the Nature of Botanical Gardens

On Sunday 16 August Framer Framed, in collaboration with Cultureland, will host a performative lecture with artists Amy Pekal and Marit Mihklepp. The performance On the Nature of a Name will be heldĀ outside of the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam to celebrate the end of our current exhibition On the Nature of Botanical Gardens. Following the finissage performance, it will be possible to visit the exhibition at Framer Framed for the last time and enjoy drinks together!


14:00 Performance ‘On the Nature of a Name’ at Hortus Botanicus
16:00 Exhibition ‘On the Nature of Botanical Gardens’ at Framer Framed and drinks afterwards

When a universal system takes precedent over the particularities of ecologies, complex systems become covered up, disconnected and unmade.Ā  The Western knowledge of plant uses is gathered not by listening to the plants themselves but by an instructional knowledge of utility. Artists Amy Pekal and Marit Mihklepp create a playful performative lecture entitled On the Nature of a Name that investigates the etymology of plant species. With the use of the Latin and indigenous names in the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, Pekal and Mihklepp draw attention to the relations between plant species and how they might communicate and evolve with each other. The performance, operating alongside Framer Framedā€™s exhibition On the Nature of Botanical Gardens, embodies decolonial lens to challenge the garden and begins to make efforts in the reparations of lost indigenous knowledge within the institutions botanical collection.

The performative lecture will take place outside the Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam. This event isĀ FREEĀ and inĀ ENGLISH.Ā 

Hortus Botanicus
Plantage Middenlaan 2A
1018DD Amsterdam

Shared Heritage / Action Research / Amsterdam Oost / Colonial history /


Exhibition: On the Nature of Botanical Gardens

Contemporary indonesian perspectives by nine Indonesian artists


Amy Pekal

Artist, researcher and writer

Marit Mihklepp