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Framer Framed

Suat Ögüt

Suat Ögüt was born in Diyarbakir, Turkey in 1986, he lives and works in Amsterdam. Ögüt is a graduate of the Fine Art Education Faculty of Marmara University, Painting and Sculpture Department in 2007. Ögüt has been a guest artist at HISK, Ghent, for the post-graduation program in 2012-2013. In 2013 he was one of the winners of the Akbank Contemporary Artist Prize.

Since 2014 Ögüt is a co-founder of Corridor Project Space in Amsterdam, an independent and interdisciplinary contemporary art initiative with indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces.

In 2018 his work was part of Framer Framed’s outdoor exhibition Monuments to the Unsung. From 21 June until 30 September the work The First Turk Immigrant or The Nameless Heroes of The Revolution was on show on the IJ-river bank. Suat Ögüt shows nine bronze busts of Turkish migrants. They are an ode to migrants who had to leave Turkey because of their political ideals.


Project: Do It Together - DIT

DIT is a kitchen / a tent / a learning playground / a workshop...................

Exhibitions Werkplaats Molenwijk: Marie Hudelot, Suat Ögüt and Şengül Köker

Current exhibitions and programme

Exhibition: Monuments to the Unsung - Public Art Amsterdam

Part of the collaborative art manifestation Pay Attention Please! in the public space of Amsterdam


Ode aan de Twijfel
Art manifestation & exhibition
YAA-award Ceremony 2020
Prijsuitreiking aan vijf Amsterdamse kunstenaars
Opening: project space Werkplaats Molenwijk
On 30 September Framer Framed heads deeper into ‘the North’, with the opening of a new, second project space: Werkplaats Molenwijk (Workspace Molenwijk)!
Finissage: Monuments to the Unsung - Public Art Amsterdam
The artwork ‘The First Turk Immigrant or the Nameless Heroes of the Revolution’ from Suat Ögüt 'migrates' to project spaceWerkplaats Molenwijk.
Finissage: Monuments to the Unsung
Framer Framed sets in motion one of the works of art: the mobile 'The First Turk Immigrant or the Nameless Heroes of the Revolution' by artist Suat Ögüt 'migrates' from its current location on the IJ-river bank deeper into North, to Molenwijk.