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Framer Framed

Sadia Boonstra Foto: Maarten Nauw / Framer Framed

Sadiah Boonstra

Sadiah Boonstra is a scholar-curator based in Jakarta. She received her PhD from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam with the dissertation Changing Wayang Scenes. Heritage Formation and Wayang Performance Practice in Colonial and Postcolonial Indonesia (2014).

She is currently Asia Scholar at The University of Melbourne and Curator of Public Programmes at Asia TOPA, Melbourne. Her research and curatorial interests focus on the cultural history, heritage and performing arts of colonial and contemporary Indonesia in relation to the Netherlands and their representation in museums.

Sadiah Boonstra is the curator of the exhibition On the Nature of Botanical Gardens (2020) at Framer Framed, Amsterdam.


Exhibition: On the Nature of Botanical Gardens

Contemporary indonesian perspectives by nine Indonesian artists


Book launch: Revolusi
A conversation with David Van Reybrouck, Wim Manuhutu, Sadiah Boonstra, Goenawan Mohamad and Amanda Pinatih
Artist Talk: On the Nature of Botanical Gardens
With the participation of: Zico Albaquni, Arahmaiani, Lifepatch members Agung ‘Geger’ Firmanto and Agus 'Timbil' Tri Budiarto, along with the curator Sadiah Boonstra.
Opening: On the Nature of Botanical Gardens
Contemporary Indonesian Perspectives
Memoria Plantae: Perspectives on the Dutch Botanical Network
A conversation with Sadiah Boonstra, Andreas Weber en Jennifer Tosch in the lead-up to our upcoming exhibition