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Bert Scholten Bert Scholten door G.J. van Rooij

Bert Scholten

Bert Scholten (Assen, the Netherlands 1988) lives and works in Rotterdam. He previously was a resident at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam (2018-2019) and studied at KASK Ghent (2010-2011) and Minerva Groningen (2008-2012). In 2018, his podcast Niks was minder waar was broadcast by the VPRO. In his work, Bert returns to an age-old tradition of conveying stories in the form of a song. His songs, with titles such as De Paardenmishandelaar, De Gefrustreerde Metropolitaan or Mina Koes, have their origins in local stories or news reports, often from the north of the Netherlands.

Bert Scholte investigates the origins of these stories and traces the evolution of variations that often exist parallel in different regions. He performs these stories live, accompanying himself instrumentally. Just as folk tales keep changing and taking on new forms and meanings, Bert adapts his song lyrics to the new context in which the performance takes place.

Bert Scholte stayed as an artist in residence at Werkplaats Molenwijk, a project space of Framer Framed in Amsterdam North, in 2021, where he mainly focused on the history of gingerbread and cookie boards. Together with the residents of the Molenwijk quarter, he investigated the meaning of the Dutch tradition of giving cookies to each other. By drawing together, sharing stories, songs and woodcuts, Bert Scholten revisits this heritage and tradition.

Bert Scholte’s residency ended with the exhibition GEEF (2021-2022) where he shows new work – including new video work – that he made during his stay at Werkplaats Molenwijk. The video was later shown at TENT in Rotterdam as part of the exhibition Dat speelt hier niet (2022). In addition, an LP with the same title was released in 2023 with recordings made in the Werkplaats, among other locations.


Expositie: GEEF

Exhibition: GEEF

Werkplaats Molenwijk exhibition by Bert Scholten


Finissage: GEEF
A festive closing of GEEF by Bert Scholten's at Werkplaats Molenwijk
Werkplaats Molenwijk Balcony Concerts - by Bert Scholte
Mini concerts by Bert Scholten