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Framer Framed

27 feb 2024
14:00 - 17:00

Planetary Poetics: Ancestral Assemblage

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On 27 February 2024, artist Ismal Muntaha (from artist collective Jatiwangi art Factory) and students of the Sandberg Institute master programme Planetary Poetics will hold an Ancestral Assembly at Framer Framed. The afternoon includes contributions by activist Raki Ap, poet Khairani Barokka, artists Reinaart Vanhoe & Mariëlle Verdijk, and curator Getrude Flentge.

How can we become a good ancestor, honour the land on which we live and restore its agency?

In the afternoon of 27 Febaruary, Indonesian artist Ismal Muntaha and students of the master programme Planetary Poetics, will conclude a series of collaborative seminars through the organisation of an Ancestral Assembly. The assembly aims to create a multisensorial space to consider multiple perspectives, both human as well as more-than-human, as a collective articulation in the process of landscape-making and development. The event includes contributions by activist Raki Ap (Free West Papua Campaign), poet Khairani Barokka, artists Reinaart Vanhoe & Mariëlle Verdijk (ook_huis), and curator Getrude Flentge.

The project is informed by the context in which Muntaha lives and works, Jatiwangi, that has seen a new industrial wave in the last 5 years. Various multinational factories such as Nike, Puma, Gucci and DKNY have slowly moved their production centers to Jatiwangi. And the daily activities of the community, which were previously concentrated in roof tile factories or rice fields, have begun to shift to these new factories and entails thousands of workers, both local residents and immigrants from other cities.

As part of the artist collective Jatiwangi art Factory, Muntaha has been involved in proposing new relationships to land through artistic practices in various forms such as terracotta, festivals, exhibitions and new rituals. That land, which for hundreds of years has been so vital to Jatiwangi’s economy and understood only as an economic commodity, is given a new meaning that never existed before, land as a cultural identity. Jatiwangi art Factory is actively inviting citizens into this process, in order to collectively return agency to the land. Muntaha has brought these question to the students of the Sandberg Institute, and with this event extends them to a larger audience.

With contributions by
Ismal Muntaha, Arthur Guilleminot, Bethany Copsey, Eshwari Ramsali, Finn Maätita, Hinne Vos, Imke Hullmann, Lucila Pacheco Dehne, Marik de Koning, Naomi Kreitman, Olivia D’ Cruz, Tirza Balk, Toni Steffens, Raki Ap, Khairani Barokka, Reinaart Vanhoe, Mariëlle Verdijk and Getrude Flentge.

This programme is supported by the DOEN Foundation.

Planetary Poetics is a master’s programme at the Sandberg Institute that enables participants to develop artistic research exploring key concepts of the ecological crisis, including questions of climate justice, land restitution and reparations, reproductive justice, and constellations of co-resistance. Planetary Poetics is developed in collaboration with Framer Framed.

Public Assembly
27 feb 14:00-17:00
Free entrance

Framer Framed
Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71
1093 KS, Amsterdam

Ecologie / Educatie / Extractivisme / Indonesië / Kunst en Activisme / Planetary Poetics /


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Gertrude Flentge

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Ismal Muntaha


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Raki Ap

Ambtenaar en activst

Reinaart Vanhoe

Kunstenaar, auteur en docent