Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

Framer Framed

Fossil Free Culture NL - Drop the Shell, 2017. Credit: Laura Ponchel

28 nov 2017
19:00 - 22:00

Art as Resistance #2: Taking the oil out of the arts

Taking the oil out of the arts, will zoom in on the ethics of cultural institutions, and their choice for taking on financial sponsorships by fossil fuel companies. How do corporate companies benefit from this ‘greenwashing’? To what extent should their cultural beneficiaries be held responsibie? And what are the impacts of ‘artistic activism’ to address this issue?

In their presentations, BP or Not BP and Fossil Free Culture NL introduce participants to the topic and present examples of how they create impact through artistic interventions.

The presentations are followed by a workshop ‘Artistic Activism’, with both organisations giving practical guidelines on how to generate effective and affective experiences that lead to measurable social change. After the workshop participants will have a better sense of the framework in which the Fossil Free Culture movement work. They will learn to implement artistic tactics to a larger campaigning strategy.

Art as Resistance is a three part symposium series of Framer Framed, Humanity in Action Nederland and Castrum Peregrini. This second edition will take place at Framer Framed. The first edition took place at Castrum Peregrini.

BP or not BP?
A clever play on ‘to be or not to be’ from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, BP or not BP are a national network of ‘actor-vists’ in the UK, performing disobedient theatre in many different oil-sponsored spaces. They are part of the Art Not Oil coalition – a group that protests against museums accepting sponsorship from major oil corporations, which they say is a form of ‘greenwashing’. Read more

Fossil Free Culture NL
A network of artists, activists and scholars at the intersection of cultural work and climate politics in the Netherlands. They are campaigning to expose and confront the influence of the fossil fuel industry on cultural institutions in the Netherlands. Recent protests include the May & September 2017 impromptu #droptheshell and #spoiledlandscapes protest-performances at the Van Gogh museum, demonstrating the museum’s ties to oil gigant Shell. Several protestors were arrested. Read more

On the organisers
Framer Framed, Humanity in Action Nederland and Castrum Peregrini are all organisations dealing with themes of collective memory and cultural identities. In three sessions, we team up to jointly explore the necessity for a change in how cultural institutions and producers should (re)present stories and relate critically to histories as well as to the financial structures they are part of. Our first symposium, Art as Resistance #1, took place at Castrum Peregrini on 4 February 2017 and dealt with the topic of involving communities in activism and the local relevance of a place.

Kunst en Activisme / Ecologie /


Symposium: Art as Resistance #1
Een symposium van een dag over kunst als verzet, gericht op diversiteit, met betrekking tot communities en de lokale relevantie van een plaats.


Teresa Borasino

Artist and activist

Chris Garrard

Researcher and Campaigner, Art Not Oil