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Margaret Tali

Margaret Tali

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Margaret Tali is a cultural theorist, teacher and curator. She works in and with the cross-sections of visual art, critical theory and museology. She has been working as a lecturer and researcher at the Maastricht University.

In her PhD research at the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam finished in 2014, she theorized absence based on identities and memories that are neglected in the neoliberal processes of nation building by focusing on art museums practices of collecting. Her current research engages with artistic activism and the roles of visual testimonies in the context of Eastern European history, waves of migration and the transcultural memories of traumatic events.

She has published her work in several books, journals and magazines. She was co-editor of the book Archives and Disobedience. Changing Tactics of Visual Culture in Eastern Europe (2016), and journal special issue Event in Arts and Culture (2015). She is co-initiator of the project Communicating Difficult Pasts (2023), which has brought together scholars and artists to revisit the 20th-century past in the broader Baltic region.


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