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Framer Framed

Photo: Marlise Steeman / Framer Framed

Charlott Markus

Charlott Markus is a Swedish visual artist based in Amsterdam (NL). Starting out as a university student of both psychology and theology in Lund (SE), Markus continued with an art education that took her to Amsterdam via Copenhagen. Markus graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2007 and since then her work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the Netherlands and abroad.

Charlott constructs still lifes and arrangements that end up predominantly as photographic series and site-specific spatial works. Her works can be described as ‘extended still lifes’, in which she not only explores space, colour and form, but also investigates underlying relations and structures. Charlott weaves together personal narratives and their links to objects and materials, often using wood and textiles as carriers of meanings and memories.

Next to being a visual artist, Charlott Markus does photographic assignments, organizes events and curates exhibitions with themes close to her own artist practice.

Together with Nina Folkersma she curated SomeThings Hidden (2017-2018), a collaborative exhibition between Castrum Peregrini and Framer Framed.


Expositie: Some Things Hidden

In samenwerking met Castrum Peregrini. Curatoren: Nina Folkersma en Charlott Markus


Finissage: Some Things Hidden
Met een tour door Charlott Markus en een gesprek tussen kunstenaar Lynn Hershman Leeson & curator Nina Folkersma.
Some Things Hidden: Rondleiding door kunstenaar Charlott Markus
Een rondleiding door de expositie 'Some Things Hidden', door kunstenaar & co-curator Charlott Markus.
Some Things Hidden: Rondleiding door curator Nina Folkersma
Curator Nina Folkersma geeft een rondleiding door de tentoonstelling 'Some things Hidden'!
Performance: Alexis Blake - Anthology of Anger
Performance in de context van tentoonstelling 'Some Things Hidden'.
Opening: Some Things Hidden bij Castrum Peregrini
Een tweeledige tentoonstelling die in november 2017 opent bij Castrum Peregrini en januari 2018 bij Framer Framed.