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Framer Framed

Iratxe Jaio en Klaas van Gorkum, 'Kepala Batu / Hoofd van steen' (2012), commisioned by Framer Framed. Foto: Rogier Fokke

20 May 2011 – 09:30

Symposium: Shared Heritage - Theory and Practice

Locatie Museum Maluku Kruisstraat 313 3581 GK Utrecht 030 236 7116

Kosmopolis Utrecht presents, in association with the Centre for the Humanities (Utrecht University), Museum Maluku and Framer Framed the symposium Shared Heritage: theory and practice reflected in the Museum Maluku Utrecht.

The symposium discusses the traces of Dutch colonial history in the Netherlands and the former Dutch colonies overseas. Researchers, artists, curators and librarians explain their work on the basis of striking examples of how this shared history is reflected in contemporary cultures.

Recent and ongoing research are the inspiration of the symposium. The publications Spiegelreflex (2010) by Professor Susan Legêne and Oorlogserfgoed Overzee (2010) by Dr. Guno Jones and Dr. Esther Captain both deal with traces of the colonial past in pictures, stories, memories and (art) objects. Susan Legêne (VU) and Esther Captain (NIOD, UU) presented their research.

In addition, ongoing research by Professor Gloria Wekker (HH) and Professor Pamela Pattynama (UVA) will be presented. They talk about the collective cultural memory of the white Dutch psyche (Wekker) and the value of colonial photo collections; how these are compiled and exhibited (Pattynama).

After each presentation two professionals (artists, librarians, curators) will give a short reflection in relation to their own practice. Speakers include Anne Fletcher (Van Abbe Museum), Tessa Boerman (documentary filmmaker), Dr Kaori Maekawa (Sophia University, Japan / National Archives), Sara Blokland (artist) and Asmara Pelupessy (curator). Conference is chaired by Dr. Francio Guadeloupe (UVA).

The lectures are interspersed with music, theater by theater group VILT, and the documentary Zwart belicht by Tessa Boerman. Participants can visit the Museum Maluku, including an exhibition of contemporary artworks by Dutch Moluccans.

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Esther Captain


Pamela Pattynama


Sara Blokland

Artist, Curator and Researcher

Susan Legêne

Professor in Political History

Asmara Pelupessy

Curator, writer

Francio Guadeloupe

Researcher, Social Anthropologist

Gloria Wekker

Professor Gender and Ethnicity