About the part that art plays in a globalising society

Framer Framed

Photo Credit: Batuhan Keskiner

Gizem Üstüner

Gizem Üstüner is a visual artist based between Amsterdam and Istanbul. Having a background in sculpture, she holds an MA in Fine Art from HKU University of the Arts, in Utrecht (2020). Her practice unfolds the ‘ordinary’ survival tactics and resistances we perform every day, with a particular focus on precarity, migration, and feminist strategies. By creating tools and methodologies to overcome her daily life struggles, she aims to uncover their broader personal, social, and political meanings, opening up a pathway to see the larger, often invisible power structures that direct our lives.

As part of her practice, she often engages with DIY culture and contributes to the platforms related to her research by holding gatherings, discussions, and workshops. Currently, she works on her research Low-Budget Projects, a pop-up collection, and a publication service, challenging the existing economic and political infrastructures in the cultural field.


Full-Day Event: Low-Budget Projects: How much does it cost —?
Full-day event of Low-Budget Projects exploring how to employ financial tools for crisis resolution beyond mere credit distribution.
Launch & Workshop: Low-Budget Projects
Publication launch for Low-Budget Projects, discussing the politics and precariousness of freelance life for artists and cultural workers in the Netherlands.