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5 Jan 2020
14:00 - 16:00

Reading Room: The Rights of Future Generations

In the second edition of The Reading Room, artist Sissel Marie Tonn has invited jurist and writer Laura Burgers, who is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the European Centre for the Study of European Contract Law, as guest-reader. The event will take place in Sissel’s installation Water-thieves and Time-givers (2019), on the last day of the exhibition Elsewheres Within Here (2019) curated by Jo-Lene Ong.

On the assumption that present generations have obligations to future ones, climate change poses a formidable challenge to most existing accounts of intergenerational justice, such that, if unabated, it would entail an unfair overburdening of future generations by present ones.” (Gonzales-Ricoy; Rey, 2018).

When advocation climate justice, how can we accomodate the representation of future generations in the present, as well as explore the possibility of advocating for the “rights of nature” within our legal system? What challenges and possibilities do these concepts offer activists and law makers in this current state of climate emergency? And what current examples from around the world might help us grasp the complexity of these concepts?

In preparation of the event we invite participants to register; the reading material will be send you after your RSVP. During the event we will jointly reflect on the topics in relation to the themes of PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) contamination of bodies and environments in the Netherlands, which will likely affect generations to come.

Guest reader
Laura Burgers

Mihnea Tanasescu, Rethinking Representation: The Challenge of Non-humans.
Inigo Gonzalez-Ricoy, Felipe Rey, Enfranchising the Future: Climate Justice and the Representation of Future Generations.

Please send an email to participate.
The reading material will be send you after your RSVP.

This event is FREE and in English.
We have limited spots.