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Framer Framed

9 Jun 2019
17:00 - 18:30

HERE/NOW artist talk: La Decanatura, 'From the Mule to the Plane'

In the context of exhibition HERE/NOW: Current Visions from Colombia, we are glad to announce an event with one of the artists: La Decanatura!

La Decanatura is an artist collective comprised of Elkin Calderón Guevara and Diego Piñeros García. During this presentation, they will talk about their work and practice, including their featured film Centro Espacial Satelital de Colombia as well as their most recent film project, De la mula al avión. The latter is still a work in progress, but has already been nominated for the Luis Caballero Award, the most important art prize in Colombia!

De la mula al avión [From the mule to the plane] is based on the artists’ interest in the failed idea of progress, and obsolete technologies that are still being used in Colombia. Starting point for the project was the eighty-year-old DC3 plane; which can be considered a remnant of a ‘modern past’. The research they are undertaking for the fulm takes them to countries such as Switzerland, France, Iceland and Colombia, looking for parallels and vestiges of what this aircraft was & represents in different geographies and economies.

Doors open 16:45, starts 17:00. Free entry as always, all welcome!

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HERE/NOW: Current Visions from Colombia explores artists’ responses to the shifting cultural, social and political landscapes of Colombia – a country scarred by a 60-year long history of armed struggle. The exhibition, curated by Carolina Ponce de León, features twenty artists spread across two locations, Beautiful Distress House and Framer Framed. The exhibition at Beautiful Distress House has now ended, but HERE/NOW at Framer Framed can be visited until 30 June, with artworks by María José Arjona, Milena Bonilla, La Decanatura, Wilson Díaz, Clemencia Echeverri, Diego Piñeros García, Laura Huertas Millán, Guillermo Moncayo, Oscar Muñoz, Luis Roldán, Ana María Rueda, Carlos Villalón, Más Arte Más Acción, Stephen Ferry and Miguel Ángel Rojas. Read more.

The exhibition Here/Now is divided between two locations in North Amsterdam; on view at Beautiful Distress House until 3/4/2019 and at Framer Framed until 30/6/2019.

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Exhibition: HERE/NOW - Current Visions from Colombia

Twenty artists presenting contemporary art and photojournalism created in the context of Colombia.


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La Decanatura

Artist collective