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Artlink Cover - Blak on blak

30 May 2010 – 14:00

The View of Self - Blak on Blak

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Start 2:00 PM Admission free AAMU – Museum for contemporary Aboriginal art Oudegracht 176 NL-3511 NP Utrecht Netherlands +31 30 2380 100 info@aamu.nl www.aamu.nl

The view of self is realized in cooperation with Australian art magazine Artlink, the National Museum of Australia and AAMU – Museum for contemporary Aboriginal art.


A panel discussion will be organized around the special issue Blak on Blak. In this edition of Artlink, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, writers and curators think about their practicing artists.

Regardless the substantial contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to the Australian art world, racist classifications like skin color and geographical origin still have an influential role in the perception and evaluation of their work. Issues of colonialism, racism and land rights are at the heart of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists like Richard Bell, Vernon Ah Kee, Fional Foley and Gordon Hookey of the art collective proppaNOW. Questions of representation, indigenous identity politics and political activism coincide in their contemporary art work and go beyond traditional oppositions between black and white, urban and rural, modern and traditional.

Questions raised in the special issue Blak on Blak give reason to draw connections with the Surinam-Dutch art-initiative Wakaman, in which Surinam-Dutch artists investigate their ethnic identity and cultural background through their art practice. Gillion Grantsaan and Marcel Pinas will join the panel discussion to talk about their project.


Daniel Browning – radio presenter and producer, guest editor of Artlink Blak on Blak;
Gillion Grantsaan – artist;
Gloria Wekker – Professor;
Gordon Hookey – artist, PhD student;
Marcel Pinas – artist;
Margo Neale – Senior Research Fellow, Adviser, Adjunct Professor;
Marianne Riphagen – PhD student;
Tess Alas – researcher, editor, curator.

Debate leader is Nancy Jouwe.

Contemporary Aboriginal art / Caribbean /


Indigenous Art Now!
Forum and launch for Artlink Indigenous.


Tess Allas

Researcher, Editor, Curator

Daniel Browning

Radio Presenter, Producer

Gillion Grantsaan

Artist, Curator

Gloria Wekker

Professor Gender and Ethnicity

Gordon Hookey


Marcel Pinas

Margo Neale, Framer Framed, AAMU, Blak on Blak

Margo Neale

Senior Research Fellow, Adjunct Professor

Marianne Riphagen

Art Historian