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Framer Framed

Performance by Noel Ed De Leon, during the opening of the exhibition 'UnAuthorised Medium', Framer Framed (2018. Photo Marlise Steeman

Noel Ed De Leon

Noel Ed De Leon (b. 1976, Philippines) is a visual and performance artist whose interests span archiving as artistic practice, installation, art made with readymade and found objects, and multimedia sculpture. Noel͛’s work explores the themes of memory, DNA, remembrance and mapping traces of history through material objects. He holds a degree in Architecture and is an avid collector of memorabilia and original artefacts from the First and Second World War. Noel frequently incorporates these artefacts into his installations and live performances which explore how memories are kept alive in the social fabric, as well as erased through changing political, religious and social developments.


Exhibition: UnAuthorised Medium

A group show curated by Annie Jael Kwan


Symposium: UnAuthorised Medium - Return and Repatriation
Symposium as part of the opening weekend for exhibition UnAuthorised Medium.
Opening: exhibition UnAuthorised Medium
With curator Annie Jael Kwan and participating artists Noel Ed De Leon, Sau Bin Yap, Erika Tan, and Sung Tieu.