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Framer Framed

Katharina Sook Wilting

Katharina Wilting is an interdisciplinary designer, art director and cultural worker in theatre and film. Viewing the world through her Korean-German identity, she addresses topics like Asian diaspora, racial heritage and intersectional feminism in her artistic practice. In her work, Katharina Sook Wilting is deeply committed to a collaborative approach, due to her desire to build diverse and collective networks and find like-minded allies.


Exhibition: The One-Straw Revolution

An exhibition curated by iLiana Fokianaki exploring permaculture as a methodology for exhibition-making

Exhibition: Charging Myths

An exhibition by transnational collective On-Trade-Off exploring how technological innovation is dependent on natural resources.


Opening: Charging Myths by On-Trade-Off
Opening of the exhibition, Charging Myths, by transnational artist collective On-Trade-Off.