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Sarah Ndele's performance for Maintaining the Root (2024) at Framer Framed as part of a workshop series within the Planetary Poetics Master's programme. Photo: © Marlise Steeman / Framer Framed / Sandberg Instituut

Podcast: Counter-extractivism: Poetics of remedy and transmission

Listen to the new episode of our podcast which was recorded during the event Counter Extractivism: Poetics of Remedy and Transmission, part of the Planetary Poetics⁠ master programme – an initiative of Dorine van Meel and Framer Framed – at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

Featuring a discussion between guest tutor Jean-Sylvain Tshilumba Mukendi and Carla Kabamba the episode explores the intertwining histories of the world, Amsterdam, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Kabamba shares her personal connection to the DRC, discussing the exploitation and suffering caused by colonialism and her efforts to stop the import of ‘blood minerals’ in Amsterdam. The episode highlights the urgency of addressing the violence and deforestation linked to mineral mining in DRC, emphasising both a critical awareness of global dependencies on these resources and her passionate advocacy for the country’s prosperity.

Jean-Sylvain Tshilumba Mukendi is a cultural practitioner and artistic coordinator at the art and research centre Atelier Picha in the DRC.

Carla Kabamba is a member of the Amsterdam City Council for Lijst Kabamba.

Planetary Poetics is a two year master’s programme at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, that enables participants to develop artistic research exploring key concepts of the ecological crisis, including questions of climate justice, land restitution and reparations, reproductive justice, and constellations of co-resistance. Planetary Poetics is and initiative of Dorine van Meel and Josien Pieterse from Framer Framed. Keep an eye on our agenda for events related to the programme! There will be a series of public lectures, performances, podcasts and workshops. We welcome you to join. To be updated about the program you can follow our sociomedia channels or subscribe to our newsletter.

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Planetary Poetics is a temporary a master’s programme exploring key concepts of the ecological crisis hosted in collaboration with Framer Framed and Dorine van Meel at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, and Picha, an independent art initiative that seeks to promote artistic creation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Framer Framed is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science; Amsterdam Fund for the Arts; Municipality of Amsterdam; and VriendenLoterij Fonds.

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Exhibition: The One-Straw Revolution

An exhibition curated by iLiana Fokianaki exploring permaculture as a methodology for exhibition-making


Counter-extractivism: Poetics of remedy and transmission
A closing event for cultural practitioner Jean-Sylvain Tshilumba Mukendi’s seminar on politics and extractivism at the Planetary Poetics master's programme at the Sandberg Institute


Jean-Sylvain Tshilumba Mukendi

Cultural practitioner, researcher and writer