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Brochure bij de tentoonstelling 'Anonim' (2023) van Theo Frids Marulitua Hutabarat bij Framer Framed, Amsterdam. Foto: © Maarten Nauw / Framer Framed

Open Call: Atelier KITLV-Framer Framed Artist Residency

KITLV and Framer Framed are pleased to announce the international open call for the 2024 Atelier KITLV-Framer Framed Artist Residency. Applications are being accepted online with a submission deadline of September 30, 2023 (applications are no longer accepted). The residency period will start from February 2024.

The Residency Program

The Atelier KITLV-Framer Framed Artist in Residence program aims to sponsor and support concrete, innovative, and societally relevant projects at the intersection of art and academic research in the field of Southeast Asian and/or Caribbean Studies, and in relation to (post)colonial theory and discourse. The KITLV-Framer Framed Residency 2024 is open to all who have experience and interest to propose and implement a project exploring themes that are relevant to the program’s field. The duration of the residency is twelve months.

The selected participant(s) will have access to KITLV/Leiden University collections and will engage in dialogue with KITLV researchers and the Framer Framed team to inform and inspire their work. The selected participant(s) will join the network of Framer Framed and will be supported throughout the process to develop and share the project to a wider public through a presentation or/and other discursive programs. Participants are not obliged to settle in the Netherlands during the residency period, but are expected to engage both physically and digitally with the residency resources throughout the year. The KITLV and Framer Framed do not provide an actual living space or studio for the participants, but will offer advice for accommodations during the participant’s stay in the Netherlands.

Accepted participant(s) will receive a €10,000- grant (including VAT) for the entire project. This fee is inclusive of all costs necessary for realizing the project (travel, visa cost, accommodation, project research, material costs, production et al). The application document will be assessed by the residency admissions jury (The Atelier KITLV-Framer Framed Artist in Residence program team) – at the end of which one individual/team will be selected. The selection committee will assess the applications based on the quality of the proposal and its relevance to the aims of the residency.

The results of the open call will be announced by the end of November 2023 through KITLV and the Framer Framed website. Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications, we are unable to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.


Framer Framed is a platform for contemporary art, visual culture, and critical theory & practice. Each year, the organisation presents a variety of exhibitions in collaboration with both emerging and established international curators and artists. An extensive public program is organised alongside these exhibitions in order to shed light on the topics concerned, and provide a wide range of perspectives. With this common space for dialogue, Framer Framed aims to show a plurality of voices in a globalized society. https://framerframed.nl/en

Atelier KITLV is inspired by a longer standing interest in exploring colonial structures of knowledge – in which the research institute KITLV was founded – and in seeking ways and forms to decolonize knowledge. At the same time, it is motivated by a need for an atelier in its own right, a place defined by experimentation among artistic and academic professionals in search of new methods, perspectives, and approaches.

The Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) is an interdisciplinary research centre based in Leiden. It carries out innovative research across the humanities and social sciences domain and is part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

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Exhibition: Anonim

Final presentation of Theo Frids Marulitua Hutabarat's Atelier KITLV-Framer Framed Artist in Residence project.


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Mirelle van Tulder

Clara Jo


Theo Frids Marulitua Hutabarat