Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

Framer Framed

Action Research

As a cultural organization working with and through representation (as a form of knowledge and meaning making), Framer Framed has a duty of care to that which it represents. One initiative in which we seek to develop a decolonial and participatory approach towards this duty is through our Action Research Group.  

Action Research

The Action Research Group seeks transformative change through the synergy of taking action and doing research, as well as considering action as a form of research connected by critical reflection. Framer Framed’s Action Research aims to implement and self-reflect on public programs and projects which address themes of activism, art, and archive.

The focus of the Action Research Group is not fixed but rather evolves in line with Framer Framed’s (re)active way of working -- centring the politics, practices and publics of a range of urgent issues. We investigate socially engaged practices and ways of being as a form of knowledge production in order to bring together the experiences of artists, activists, curators, writers and members of both local and global communities.

With this intersectional and decolonial foundation, we work in four main strands of programming with each involving a multiplicity of agents and streams of knowledge throughout the development process. This deepens our initial propositions, bringing critical insights to the organization and the public.