Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

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Humans of the Institution

Humans of the Institution

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Engels. Voor het gemak van de kijker, is de inhoud hieronder weergegeven in de alternatieve taal. Je kunt klikken op de link om naar de actieve taal over te schakelen.

Humans of the Institution was convened by Curatorial Practice, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen (UiB) and Frontier Imaginaries, and presented at the Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam 25–27 November 2017. Humans of the Institution has resulted in the PDF publication Towards an Infrastructure of Humans co-published with Van Abbemuseum.

Humans of the Institution organised an international three-day gathering to look closely at who ‘makes the present’ by foregrounding the freelancer in the arts and within globalising dynamics more broadly. The symposium is organised by curators, based on experience, and encourages the participation of artists, writers, journalists, and designers among other ‘content producers’ and freelance workers. By focusing on the curator, Humans of the Institution created a nuanced debate important to freelancers and institutions alike. It foregrounds freelance experiences in the arts, taking into account transforming institutional structures, formations of non/employment at global scales, and emerging regimes of networked governance.