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Framer Framed

13 Jan 2024
15:00 - 17:00

Screening: And still, it remains

Join us during the finissage weekend of Performing Colonial Toxicity! Within the frame of the exhibition, the new artists’ film And still, it remains by directing duo Arwa Aburawa and Turab Shah is presented.

The film spends time with residents of a village in Algeria’s Hoggar Mountains who live surrounded by ancient rock art and the legacy of France’s nuclear bombs. Examining time, toxic colonialism and how we survive the end of our world, the film departs from feminist thinker bell hooks articulation of a particular way of knowing that comes from experience: “it’s a deep understanding that is often expressed through the body, as what they know has been deeply inscribed on it.” What does it mean to live in such intimacy with toxic colonialism? What understanding is gained from this proximity?  How do people make sense of what happened to them? What are their ideas of justice? And finally, how do they find a way to carry on?

Aburawa and Shah join the evening for a post-screening discussion in which they’ll reflect on their interest in sonic landscapes, the modes of listening taken up in their film, and what is shared across their work and Henni’s multi-sensory exhibition.

Read more about the exhibition and its public programmes here.

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Samia Henni

Architectural historian, Exhibition-maker